Fitness Finesse – How to Contour Your Form For Perfectly Sculpted Muscles

posted by Chris Valentine

Guns and Abs. We all want them and, in general, we tend to focus more on the major muscle groups when it comes to making gains and becoming more buff. However, your body is a fully-fledged machine, so you should dedicate attention to all areas in order to become a perfectly sculpted specimen.

Need we mention what happens when you skip leg day? Avoid the pitfalls and work your way to ultimate fitness finesse in the following guide.

Resistance training

You can use resistance training and equipment to really hone in on those muscles you didn’t even know you’ve got. One good example is the power band. They are useful for a variety of training techniques including body weight exercises, stretching/mobility training and powerlifting. You might overlook these as being a bit sissy, but that attitude would only serve to impair the highest level workout that you can possibly achieve.

Power bands are an advancement on the traditional resistance band (these are the ones that you possibly would have seen used by yoga participants) and are made of multiple layers of latex. This allows them to be durable enough to withstand the rigours of hardcore training. Power bands can be as effective as free weights. Additionally, they are a really good way to push through plateaus when you’re really feeling the burn – helping you to stretch out muscles to give just that little bit extra.

A focused exercise program

It’s simply enough to bulk up and get brawny, but when it comes to achieving a properly chiseled physique – this calls for a focused exercise program. For example, are you wanting those defined muscle fibres on your forearms? This requires a seriously intensive level of training.

One recommendation from the experts is to follow a specific training cycle.

Day one is a heavy upper workout, day two a heavy lower workout, followed by a day off from training in order to recuperate. Rinse and repeat. Make sure you exhaust (to the point of fatigue) any given muscle group during your workouts.

Then on your off-day commit to fully chillaxing and get a good night’s sleep. Your muscles need time to resynthesise so you can hit them hard once again. This is the key to burning fat whist building muscle for a lean, yet ultra-ripped physique.

A low body fat percentage

Uncovering a visually noticeable amount of muscle is actually more about the kitchen than it is about the gym. This is particularly true when it comes to your mid region. Most trainers swear that you’ll need to cut your body fat percentage to at least 13 percent and lower in order to achieve true definition. The thing to remember is strict portion control. If you’re working toward a body that is nothing short of a lean, hard-as-nails unit count your calories down to the milligram.

Eat a good balance of protein, starch and vegetables to keep your blood sugar at optimal level and your metabolism burning around the clock. According to Buzzfeed this should look like a plate comprised of one half non-starchy vegetables, one quarter grains and starchy vegetables, and the other quarter protein.

The results of this study recommend (via BioMed Central) consuming 20 grams of protein every three hours, four times a day. Other common prescriptions are to limit alcohol and stay away from calorie laden and nutrient deficient snacks.

Motivation to achieve results

All the advice in the world won’t cut it if you don’t have enough discipline and willpower. If you’re after a ripped physique, don’t want til tomorrow. Your diet and training starts now, but remember consistency is everything. Keep going. One thing to remember when you feel like giving up is how far you have come. Or, just check out this viral Youtube vid to remind yourself why it’s so important to you in the first place!

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