The Beginner’s Guide to a Nose Job

posted by Chris Valentine

So you’re thinking about getting a nose job (or, as it’s officially called, a rhinoplasty), but you’re not quite sure it’s the way to go for you. That’s fine, misgivings are often a really healthy way to suss out what you truly want, so if  you’ve come to this guide with mixed feelings about getting a nose job, welcome. 

First things first, who gets nose jobs?

A rhinoplasty procedure is a complex, yet widely versatile cosmetic operation, that caters to a lot of different people. There’s those who undergo a nose job in order to fix various medical conditions. Often, a rhinoplasty can correct such issues as sleep apnea or snoring, although since these are closely related to the soft palate, it’s not necessarily a guarantee. Of course, if you’re interested in correcting a medical issue, we suggest consulting a specialist, as well as the cosmetic surgeon. 

Secondly, some people get rhinoplasties quite simply because they’re not happy with the way they look. We’re all entitled to the visage of our dreams, if that’s what will allow us to be our most confident, unapologetic selves. So whether it’s a crooked nose or an unpleasant hunch, a nose job is pretty much guaranteed to help you with that. 

That being said, please consider carefully. 

An improperly done rhinoplasty can end up scarring you for life and leave you with a visible deformity. That is why, you must think carefully when choosing your plastic surgeon. Check references, reputation, everything before getting your Orange County rhinoplasty. Just as with any other medical procedure, putting yourself in hands you trust is the best way to go.

A picture perfect nose? Not really. 

While rhinoplasty can and often will greatly improve the appearance of your nose, don’t make the mistake of assuming you will get a picture perfect nose. While the surgeon can help figure out the right shape and look for your new nose, the result is unlikely to be exactly like in the picture. Rhinoplasty is one of the most complex, most difficult cosmetic procedures practiced today, so understand that you need to have realistic expectations going on, or else you risk disappointment.

Getting ready for your first consultation… 

During an initial visit, your doctor will help you figure out your new nose. Most plastic surgeons encourage their patients to think of a general shape and look they’ll want from their new nose, but discourage setting your heart on a celebrity nose, since you may not have the same features to pull that off. Most often nowadays, surgeons use 3D imaging to project a patient’s new nose and work with you until you reach a realistic and satisfying conclusion. 

During your initial consultation, the doctor will also walk you through the surgery procedure as such, as well as outline a recovery plan. 

Bottom line 

Rhinoplasty is a serious matter and should be awarded due consideration. That being said, the right surgeon can help you correct your nose and regain your self-confidence

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