Hit and Run Bicycle Accident? 3 Important Steps to Take to Recover

posted by Chris Valentine

Were you involved in a hit and run bicycle accident? You’re not alone. Read on to learn just what steps to take to recover.

When you are trying to handle both your legal rights and injuries following a hit and run case, it can be a dizzying experience. 

You’ll really need to get a handle on this if you were a cyclist injured in a hit and run. Not only will you need to track down the driver, but you’ll also need the help of a lawyer that can take the case. 

Take a deep breath. 

Though this is a scary experience, we’ve created a breakdown of what you need to do. Follow these tips to get help for your hit and run bicycle accident. 

1. Get a Hit and Run Lawyer as Quickly as You Can

The very first thing you must do is retain the help of an accident lawyer — fast. 

The sooner they can deploy their resources, the sooner you can solve the puzzle of who hit you and hold them accountable. This will also help you to start fighting to recoup the costs of your injuries. 

Firms like Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP have the resources and expertise to help you with such cases. 

2. Seek Extensive Medical Care For Your Health and Legal Assistance

Serious injuries can happen in bicycle accidents. 

For instance, many people experience internal bleeding, cranial injuries, cracked ribs, and broken bones. Even if you aren’t obviously hurt, you still need to make a trip to the emergency room in order to get a full battery of tests. 

In fact, medical professionals say that you should call 9-1-1 if your helmet is cracked, because you may have experienced head trauma due to the severity of the blow. 

Since these injuries are so potentially substantial, you’ll need to start getting treatment ASAP and stick to the doctor’s orders. 

3. Work With the Authorities to Track Down the Driver That Fled the Scene

In many hit and run cases, the driver was drunk and is fleeing because they have a drinking problem and prior convictions or charges. 

The best thing you can do is look into contacting witnesses or pulling surveillance video. Any information you can remember is vital, so do your best to jog your memory and put some details on the record. 

This way, your attorney and law enforcement can look into making an arrest in the case, so you can work on both the criminal and civil matters at play. 

When you learn the law, it is easier to take advantage of your rights and work hard to hold the driver responsible. At the same time, keeping healing up and going to physical therapy so you can be fresh and aware to help your lawyer put together the case. 

Get the Help That You Need After a Bicycle Accident

Enduring a bicycle accident can be problematic, and hit and run accidents are even worse — but you can pick up the pieces when you follow the tips in this article. 

Do everything you can to protect yourself. 

Consider these tips and reach out to a lawyer that can handle business on your behalf. 

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