The 3 Most Stressful Things in Life and How They Affect Your Health

posted by Chris Valentine

Throughout life there are a number of things that each and every person will go through that will be extremely stressful. Some are obvious, while others may blindside you with just how stressful they end up being. Whatever the case, stress is normal unless it gets to a point where it becomes overwhelming and chronic.

Everyone reacts to it differently, but if you’re experiencing high levels of stress even just for a short period of time, you could notice these symptoms:

  • Lack of sleep and fatigue

  • Loss of appetite

  • Upset stomach

  • Headaches

  • Mood swings

After long periods of time, stress can lead to more alarming health issues such as:

  • Mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and panic disorder

  • Heart problems

  • High blood pressure

  • Irritable bowel syndrome

  • Skin problems

Among others. It’s important to manage your stress before it gets out of hand, so be sure to start early and learn how to recognize the signs. One of the ways to do this is to identify, and prepare for, some of the most difficult situations a person will go through in life.

Financial Instability

One of the three biggest stresses someone can experience in life is having issues with money. Being unable to pay your bills and continuing to accumulate debt is incredibly worrying and it affects pretty much every aspect of your life.

Debt is serious business – you could be denied a mortgage, a lease on a vehicle, and even a job if you are struggling financially. If you are stressed about money, then it’s time to get in control: check out this debt consolidation guide and see if it’s a good solution for you.


Usually, we like to imagine that moving is supposed to be exciting – especially if you are “moving up” into a better, nicer, or bigger home. But in fact, studies have shown that moving is even more stressful than divorce, which is not something you’d expect at all.

Try to reduce the anxiety about your move by prepping well in advance. Set up mail forwarding and your utilities before you move into your new place. Consider donating a bunch of your junk to charity, that way you have less to pack. And most importantly, ask for help or hire a moving company, because doing all of that on your own is definitely going to add weight to your already burdened shoulders.


Being ill or knowing someone close to you that’s ill can be terribly straining on your mental health. The worst part is feeling like you have no control over the situation. While everyone should aim to live a healthy life (eat well and exercise), some illnesses can come on without warning. And even if there is something you could have done, it’s time to focus on the now and how to deal with it.

In these troubling times it’s important to learn how to cope with illness and develop strategies that will help reduce your stress. That way you can live your best life without having the physical symptoms of stress added to your current problems.

If you’re experiencing intense stress in your life, don’t hesitate to get a handle on it – you’ll thank yourself later.

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