How to Reduce Your Stress Levels as a Business Owner

posted by Chris Valentine

Whether you are running a small business or a multinational corporation, stress is something which will be ever present in your life. There is pressure at every turn when working in business from the pressure to find sufficient funding at the beginning to searching for new ways to sell throughout. There is no magic method which will remove all of the stress from your life but there are ways to reduce the levels of stress which you feel and focus the pressure on important aspects of the business.

In fact, a business owner who does not feel stressed is unlikely to become successful as it is within this stress that performance comes, lack of stress equals a lack of worrying which leads to complacency, a death knell for business. If you want to reduce some of the stress you feel in business then here are a few ways to do it.


Outsourcing areas of your business mean that you can focus on more important issues, you can pay professionals to deliver on your tasks and projects and you can free up time and energy in the business. This is a great way of reducing your stress levels and ensuring that your business runs more effectively, in one fell swoop. Areas like marketing and logistics are great areas to outsource, so too are things like reputation management, a key tool to preserving your online reputation. This last point is key as businesses live and die according to their reputation and you should ignore any complaints which you may hear and trust in these companies.

Time For You

Working 100 plus hours per week, constantly talking on the phone about your business and essentially being on-call 24/7 will not help you to create a more successful company. You should of course work hard but the key is really to work smart and ensure that the time which you spend on your business is effective time. You must make some time for yourself to relax and even more importantly, to sleep. You need to be at your absolute best whilst you are working and if you don’t take some time out once in a while then you will not be able to do it.

High Quality Staffing

When picking a member of staff and training them, you need to make sure that the result is an outstanding member of staff of can do the job to the very highest level. Putting in this work with your team early on will directly contribute to your stress levels further down the line and if you have created a team which runs smoothly and needs little input from yourself, then you will not only have a better business, but you will have lower levels of stress. Be firm with your staff and let them know the standards which you expect.

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