What is the cost of losing my car keys?

posted by Chris Valentine

If you have lost your vehicle keys, you have made a costly mistake. The net cost of getting duplicate car keys from your vehicle company or dealership can cost your anything between $200 and $600. If you have a reliable insurance cover, then you still have hope.

Each policy has a different way of handling key insurance claims. Any company that prioritizes customer satisfaction has more rewarding benefits for the major claims. If you are about to buy a car insurance for your new car, please check if has provisions for such claims. Your policy may require you to have a key replacement rider. This is an “add-on” for your policy. Review your policy thoroughly to see how your insurance company will handle all insurance claims.

How are “stolen key” claims handled?

If you know for sure that, you have not misplaced your keys, they have rather been stolen, you can place a stolen keys claim with your company. Insurance carriers handle claims of stolen keys differently from keys that have just been misplaced.

Theft of keys is a more serious matter that has its challenges. Insurers might pay for the following in the event of car key theft –

  1. Cost for replacement of car ignition keys
  2. Cost for replacement of car door keys
  3. Cost for re-keying the vehicle to prevent any theft

The insurance cover should classify the claim as a comprehensive loss. In cases like these, your insurance carrier can waive deductibles like glass claims and key claims.

What if your car was stolen and recovered?

If your vehicle is stolen and then recovered, there are chances that the thief has your keys or a set of your keys. The security of your car is compromised. In the case of a reported theft and recovery, insurance companies may pay for the replacement of your keys. The insurer should pay for the replacement keys, remote keys and repair costs.

Insurance companies have various policies on car keys recovery and replacement. You should read their policies carefully before committing to any form of payment.

What does the cost of my car keys depend on?

It depends on the model and makes of your vehicle. Making replacement keys for older cars without automatic locks and alarms is easier. This is also a less costly process. If you lose your keys to your brand new Prius, you may be looking towards paying $500 for replacement. Since this new model car uses a central remote key to controlling the alarms, locks, and ignition. The remaking and reprogramming is a costly affair.

Going to a trustworthy automobile locksmith will save you a good couple of hundreds too. You should check for a list of the best car locksmith Chicago area in case you misplace your keys. They will be able to help you out with insurance claims as well.

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