2 Types of Car Speakers You Need to Be Familiar with Before Installing One

posted by Chris Valentine

Installing car speakers is the most fundamental development you can do to your automobile’s audio system. The installation process is not only easy but also effective in terms of cost.   So, if you are thinking about putting up a striking audio system for your car, the most important thing to carefully choose are the speakers. This can prove to be a challenge mainly because different speaker components are designed for specific cars.   

There are various types of speakers in the market. However, in order to be able to purchase the best speakers, you need to conduct a thorough research on the online markets. This article brings you 2 models of car speakers that you are very likely to come across and that you need to familiarize yourself with before deciding on which one to install.       

Component Speakers  

These speakers are also referred to as separates. They are designed to achieve a high level of versatility as well as an unadulterated sound equalization. Component speaker systems include, separate tweeters, woofers, and external crossovers.   

The tweeters are used to give your music a high frequency as well as to harmonize the vocals, horns, and other notes that make your music lively. They are also responsible for stereo separation and appropriate music sound staging. Tweeters come in different shapes such as cone, semi-dome, and dome among other variations.  

The component speaker system is known for the following advantages:

  • Gives an enhanced clarity of your music tones andquot; The external crossovers coupled up with the tweeters and the woofers work together in sync to give your music a distinct clarity and resonance.
  • Enhances imaging andquot; This is brought by the increased sound stage, tonal clarity and the separation of the frequencies.
  • Improves the sound stage.  Therefore, installing these speakers guarantees you higher, better, and wider sound. If you are planning to install the component speaker system, then be prepared to spend more since the system is relatively expensive and the installation process is hard and as such it requires professional handling.  

Coaxial Speakers  

Coaxial speakers are also known as full range. They are designed in a way that the tweeters and woofers are mounted together in one drive. This design makes the coaxial speakers easy to install. Since both the woofers and the tweeters are operated by one drive, the music sound emanates from just a single opening. They are the best for a quick upgrade or replacement of the existing speakers.   

The advantages of the coaxial speaker system are

  • The installation process is easy and you can install it for yourself even with so little experience.
  •  They are cost effective.    

However, these speakers have a low sound quality as well as a compromised clarity.      

Having looked at each system in detail, here are the differences between the two speaker systems.   

  • Component speakers, if correctly set up, has a higher music quality compared to the coaxial speakers. This is because the component system provides more clarity.   
  • Unlike the component system, the coaxial speakers are easy to install. This is because they do not require modifications or upgrades on your car’s interior parts. Due to the ease of installation and use, the coaxial speaker systems are less costly than the component speakers.   
  • The component speakers’ drivers are separated to different parts while the coaxial speaker system operates from a single drive. This explains why the component system has a better quality of sound.   
  • The component speakers are designed to handle higher levels of power than the coaxial speakers. This therefore requires the component speakers to be powered by an external amplifier.   
  • Coaxial speakers are easy to replace since they have readily available aftermarket replacements for the OEM units.   

When planning on installing new speaker systems or replacing the existing ones, it’s good to establish your needs well. Carefully observing the coaxial and component speakers differences according to caraudiologic above, we learn that Coaxial speakers are ideal for people who wish to have music in their cars at the minimum possible cost. On the other hand, the component speaker system is recommended for people who want to set up a full system with woofers and tweeters.   

It is worth noting that, both the component and coaxial speaker systems have their good as well as bad sides. It is therefore wise to put into place several considerations before you choose which system to purchase and install.

The following are some of the factors to consider,

  • The size of the system you want; If you are looking to replace your speakers, consider gathering information about the existing speakers in terms of size. Instead you could provide the model and make of your car and the speakers’ seller will determine the best size of speakers for the car.
  • The system’s ability to handle power; The kind of speakers you choose should be able to handle the power released by your external amplifier or the head unit.
  • Quality of the music sound you want      

As you consider these factors, it is good to keep your budget costs in check. These factors will enable you to find speakers that will perfectly sync with your audio system and as a result produce the quality sound you desire.   

However, if the quality of the sound is what you consider your most important factor, then the component speakers will work best for you. On the other hand, the coaxial speakers are the best if you want to install them for yourself and you are not well experienced.   

As well, if you are working with a tight budget, then you should consider the coaxial speakers. They work perfectly fine and spare you too expensive costs.   

Therefore, when making a decision between choosing the component speaker or the coaxial speaker, how low or loud, and how precise you want to experience music in your vehicle. Establishing the kind of tune, you prefer, can help you a great deal in determining which speakers to install.   

Conclusively, component and coaxial speakers are the two types that you need to familiarize yourself with before you get to install one. Know their advantages and disadvantages and choose one that will help you achieve your music goals as far as your car’s audio system is concerned.


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