5 Pickup Truck Modifications that Save You Gas

posted by Chris Valentine

Over and again, I see people get frustrated at the way their cherished trucks use up a lot of gas. Keeping up with oil gulping trucks can be very difficult. Many truck owners have to give up their trucks in favor of less gas consuming automobiles but not everyone can take this road. If you have to drive a truck, you then must look for ways to save gas.

There are several methods of improving the gas efficiency of your truck. According to the team at, efficient driving strategies (planning your daily routes to avoid traffic, combining your errands into one trip if possible, good driving etiquette and easing up on the gas pedal), proper care of your truck (checking your engine regularly, regular change of spark plugs, wires and fuel filters, frequent oil change and tuning of engine) and effective modifications are key to a more gas efficient vehicle. Yes, there may be a bunch of factors to consider, but it is all worth it if you truly want your truck to not only be efficient but stay in tip-top condition as well.

There are several effective modifications that will help your truck mileage. Five of the most effective modifications that could be made to save gas without compromising other automobile efficiencies are as follow:

Cold air intake installation

When cold air intake is installed in your truck, the air filter is moved outside the engine compartment. Cool air is sucked into the engine for combustion. The cool air coming in has more oxygen leading to thorough fuel burning. Also, less hot air will build up in the engine compartment. More hot air increases the energy level of the gas elements resulting in more gas consumption. The overall efficiency of your truck will definitely improve as well as your horsepower.

Catback exhaust installation

Stock mufflers are one the key reasons your truck uses so much gas. When you replace them with a Catback exhaust, the airflow of the truck is improved and its breathing gets better. Installation of Catback exhaust keeps your truck’s engine running efficiently leading to improved horsepower in addition to more efficient gas consumption. Catback exhausts also give an aggressive sound, which is a great addition for most truck owners.

Get an engine tuner

Your truck’s engine performance and gas consumption can be improved with engine chip tuners. As simple as this upgrade seems, it plays a great deal to properly adjusting you engine’s internal combustion for optimal performance. Ignition timing and air to fuel mixture are also more efficiently controlled by tuners.

Get low rolling resistance tires and grounding cables

The force required to keep your truck’s tires rolling at a given speed is called rolling resistance. This force varies between vehicles and is a major contributor to high gas consumption. Much of the gas energy is making its way to the wheel is used to overcome resistance. Low resistance tires are more fuel-efficient and create less friction compared to regular tires. Low resistance tires can also be lighter in weight or have adapted tread patterns. Typical low rolling resistance tires save up to 4% per gallon of gas. This can be as high as 7% when on the highway.

Grounding cables and wires are fundamental parts of the electrical system of a car. Quality grounding cables improve any car’s performance as well as gas efficiency.

Diesel performance products for diesel trucks

When you use diesel performance products on your diesel trucks, gas usage can get much better. Though some people doubt it, some would recommend it. For the sake of providing more options, here are some you may want to look into:

Propane injection: When your diesel engine is injected with propane, its torque, horsepower, and fuel efficiency are improved because of thorough burning of diesel fuel. Propane also has less carbon buildup which keeps the engine clean.

Performance diesel injection pumps and fuel injectors: This also enhances fuel burn giving your truck more torque.

Water-methanol injection: Water-methanol reduces the temperatures of exhaust gas as a result of its cooling effect. It also gives room for thorough burning of diesel fuel.

In addition to all modifications above, truck owners must combine other things to achieve efficient gas usage. These include:

Proper tire pressure

Installation of low resistance tires will help you save gas. But installing such tires won’t be able to make much difference if you don’t give attention to proper tire pressure. Resistance increases with underinflated tires and fuel usage rise.

Premium fuel

Always ensure you get high octane fuel for your truck. Higher-octane gasoline will always be more efficient.

Driving style

This is as important as any other points made so far, if not more important. If you keep surging and surging, all efforts for efficient gas consumption will be unproductive.

As this article has shown, you can save cost on gas for your truck and aside from the tips mentioned, a bit of research will uncover more other tips you can use that will help you save good money that would have been spent on gas. No matter the case, a few good practices and only using your truck for necessary trips are always the best way to save up on gas money.

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