Why Are Fast Trucks Cool?

posted by Chris Valentine

In general, Gen Z is starting to turn away from vehicles as a source of cool. However, this doesn’t mean fast cars and fast trucks are any less awesome than they used to be. It just means that those driving the best top fast trucks have less competition, and more opportunity to show off how great their fresh whips are. 

Everyone can immediately recognize that significant wow feeling that you get when the coolest fast trucks roll by. It’s for that reason the Fast and Furious movies are still so popular to this day. It’s also for that reason that many videogames try to recreate the experience of driving in a fast car. 

But what exactly is it that makes fast trucks so cool? Join us as we try to track down the source of that wow factor, and let you know about some great cars and mods along the way.

Where Does That Wow Factor Come From? 

One word — adrenaline. People love things that are fast and dangerous. 

Just think about rollercoasters. There’s evidence to suggest that the visceral fear we experience when we defy death at high speeds leads to adrenaline being produced. 

Just like on a rollercoaster, it’s not the speed of a big truck itself that makes it so satisfying to drive in and watch. The imposing size and danger, combined with the speed, all work together to create a dopamine cocktail that people just cannot get enough of. 

Dopamine is a naturally produced chemical that makes us happy. Adrenaline is a naturally produced chemical that makes us excited. It’s no wonder people love watching and riding in fast trucks — they’re better than doing drugs.

You should also take into account the animalistic youth and virility large trucks have. They make loud noises, implying that the king of the jungle is about to come rolling through. 

The Ford Mustang GT 

The Ford Mustang GT rewrites all of the rules of a traditional pickup truck. It’s a gorgeous muscle car that will surely help you ride in style and impress.

Does it go fast? You bet it does. 

It comes with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that will give you plenty of speed. Its suspension, 19-inch wheels, and performance pack make it fantastic to handle. You get top speed and top performance with this iconic car. 

The Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 also comes with many benefits. However, the best thing about this car is that if you’re not happy with the speed you already get, the car is very versatile. We have just the thing to help you soup your car up. 

The Whipple Superchargers For the 2021 Ford F-150, if you’ve got the money, is perfect for moving your truck at breakneck speeds.

Now You Know Where That Wow Factor For Fast Trucks Comes From 

As you can see, the wow factor we get when watching fast trucks do their thing comes from a mixture of dopamine and adrenaline. The Ford Mustang GT and a suped-up Ford F-150 are wonderful trucks to experience this feeling and the elation that big trucks can provide. 

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