Four simple and affordable ways to customise your car’s interior

posted by Chris Valentine

Some car owners simply do not feel the comfort, sportiness or luxury they want from the stock interior of their car. This is where interior customisations can come into play. They are an affordable way to upgrade how the inside of your car looks and feels. Even though they won’t affect the performance of the car, it’s important to focus on aesthetics and looks as well because some of them truly do make the car a nicer place to be in. So, here are four simple ways and methods to improving any cars’ interior.

Customise your current steering wheel

Changing the steering wheel does refresh the feel of your cars’ interior for a number of reasons. However, did you know that you can not only buy a unique or desirable steering wheel but that you can even customise a unit you fancy? All you need is a competent service provider which can offer embroidery and/or stitching.

Furthermore, if your car is a classic, well how about doing a full steering wheel recover procedure? It will help restore any plastic, wood, leather or different steering wheel from a deteriorated state, all the way to its former glory.

Add LED lights

Both ambient interior lighting and the LED lighting inside the car can greatly improve the comfort and everyday driving experience. The lighting pays off big time when you are out at night and the bright colours surround your feet and or body. The good thing about this is that you can do these sorts of jobs on your own. Here’s a video from YouTube on how to do it.

Get a rear-view mirror/camera

Rear-view mirrors are an essential component for safe driving in traffic and manoeuvring. However, you can go a step further and get a rear-view mirror that is also a reversing camera. This means that the mirror shows you a live feed from the camera which gets mounted on your tailgate. This will definitely change your daily driving experience and make the interior seem a lot more high-tech.

Tint the windows

Tinted windows aren’t anything too new or revolutionary, but they’re definitely a worthy upgrade for any driver, passengers and/or car owner who values privacy as well as comfort. Most of the time passengers do not have protection from the bright sun that might be shining in their faces for a long part of a long journey. Tinted windows prevent that.

In addition, tinting gives more privacy for the people inside the car. So, for example, if you’re very hungry and just want to enjoy your lunch to the fullest without having to eat politely – tinted windows help by shielding you from unwanted outside attention. This upgrade works in two ways. Tinting adds comfort and privacy at the same time.

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