The Types of Tarps Available – Which Tarps Are Ideal For Your Needs?

posted by Chris Valentine

Tarps are among the most innovative inventions known to man and are primarily used to cover something that you don’t want to get wet or dirty. There are many types of tarps available on the market like Outdoor Camping Tarps, Super Heavy Duty Waterproof Tarps and so many more. Having so many available options to choose from, like flatbed Tarps and silver poly Tarps, it is easy to see why a customer might get confused. This article can be of great help to you by explaining the different features of various Tarps.

  • Poly Tarps

This kind of Tarp is ideal for many different situations, like covering materials placed outside in the hot sun. These Tarps are made from high-quality materials intended to last for an extended period of time. When it comes to the limitations of this type of Tarp, they are not ideal for items that require breathability because there isn’t much space between the particles for air to pass through.

  • Canvas Tarps

Unlike poly Tarps, these tarps are breathable and are best used to provide cover for stationery items that are kept outside. A specific type of dye is used to make this Tarp water-repellent. It is possible that the color may bleed, so it is best to use these types of Tarps on products where you can afford a stain from time to time. They may initially have an unpleasant smell due to the dye, but it will disappear after a time.

  • Heavy Duty Tarps

These Tarps are not intended for day to day household tasks but are recommended for the commercial and agricultural sectors. Heavy Duty Tarps are made from a durable fiber material that can withstand harsh conditions to minimize wear and tear. The uses of this product include Tarps for trucks, tents, roof, etc.

  • Mesh Tarps

These are specifically used for outdoor purposes because they allow air to circulate through. They are used primarily in the agriculture or garden industry, as well as some pool projects. One of the more distinct features of this mesh Tarp is that it can be used as a privacy screen for various applications.

  • Which Tarp to choose from the various options available?

To make a decision about the kind of Tarp to buy, you need to know the purpose you are going to use the Tarp for. Every type of tarp on the list has distinct features and each one is made from different material. Some Tarps are breathable while others are not, which is why you need to compare the features in order to make a final decision. In case you need the functionality of two Tarps, you can shop for custom made Tarps.

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