Getting Ready for Your Motorcycle Accident Case

posted by Chris Valentine

There are many vehicles out there that are mainly made for their practicality in transportation; like cars, buses, vans, and others. A motorcycle isn’t exactly the same, those who choose to ride a motorcycle instead of another vehicle, factor many other aspects and favorite them over safety. Technology is becoming more advanced by the day, motorcycles are becoming safer and safer, but they’re still a long way from becoming as safe as cars or buses.

A lot of motorcycle riders focus on getting the safest equipment; paying big sums of money on helmets, boots, gloves, and other safe clothing. What many seem to miss, is the legal precautions required to cover you financially and legally in the case of a motorcycle accident. We’ll be providing you with some details that can be of great aid in the preparation of a motorcycle accident case.

Keep your bike unrepaired

This may seem odd, but a lot of lawyers recommend waiting for the repairs for a bit, because the bike itself is the most important piece of evidence. In court, reconstruction experts will be able to tell, with good accuracy, the nature and severity of the damages. Using the damaged bike as a way to support your claim is very beneficial for your case.

Be wary of insurance company’s offer

It’s known that almost any first settlement offer of an insurance company has been always their lowest amount. This is how they save money; riders affected by a motorcycle accident think they can’t negotiate to increase the settlement amount and just accept their offer blindly. When you take a low-ball settlement amount, you basically forfeit your right to pursue further settlement for other damages. It’s common for the parties involved in the settlement to have differences and decide to use the judgement of a judge or jury.

Lawyer up

After going through a motorcycle accident, you don’t really want to add more stress and even expenses by going through courts, settlement negotiations, and collecting evidence. Hiring a motorcycle injury lawyer means that you have a powerful and experienced ally on your side. A personal injury lawyer’s job is to make sure you get the highest settlement amount in the shortest possible time, since his/her fee is dependent on the settlement amount itself. You should expect your attorney to handle all settlement negotiations and litigations while keeping you updated in a timely manner. The best advantage of a good personal injury lawyer is the relief from dealing with insurance companies and legal proceedings which can be a very exhausting job for the inexperienced.

A motorcycle crash case is indeed a taxing ordeal, you should keep in mind that like most personal injury cases, they never reach the final stage of a trial. A settlement amount or agreement is usually the most common course of action between a victim and an insurance company. Consulting with a lawyer is always recommended before taking any decision, and when you decide to hire a lawyer, you should look for the one that’s going to look out for you throughout every step of the process, whether it’s settlement or a trial.

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