Should Your Next Vehicle Be a Used or New One?

posted by Chris Valentine

When you are contemplating what to buy as your next vehicle, you may well have a lot to think about.

That said it is important that you come away with the right vehicle. Not doing so can put a real crimp in your finances and life in general.

So, are you rather confident you will drive off with the right set of wheels?

When looking for your next auto, here are a few things to determine or going new or used:

If Looking to Buy Used

When considering going with a used vehicle, here are a few keys to think about:

  1. Mileage on the vehicle – How many miles are on the vehicle? There are some used cars and trucks out there with few miles on them. As such, they are all but like buying a new auto. If you can find one of them, you may have a good deal on your hands.
  2. Saving money – You tend to save money when going the used vehicle route up front. That said you may pay more down the road as the vehicle ages. Being it has already been used and has miles on it, maintenance could become an issue sooner than later.
  3. Less worries of scratches and dents – If you buy used, you may worry less with getting scratches and dents on it. Buying something brand new may lead you to be more worried about such things.
  4. Get a mechanic to look at it – It is also important when buying used to get a mechanic to look under the hood. Doing so may prevent you from driving off with a lemon.
  5. Do your research – Last, be sure you do your research on any used vehicle of consideration. Did you know you can get a free vehicle history report online? Such a report allows you to delve into the history of the vehicle from any accidents to recalls and more. That info can prove quite invaluable as you search for your next auto.

If Looking to Buy New

When thinking of buying a brand new vehicle, here are some things you want to mull over:

  1. Is the price good? – Buying a new vehicle means more times than not you will pay more than something used. So, are you getting the best deal possible? You may not need all that extra gadgetry on the vehicle. As such, removing some of it from the purchase can bring the price down.
  2. What is the safety ranking? – Given newer vehicles have more safety features, what are the rankings for any models you look at? By having as much safety as possible on the vehicle, you can better protect you and any others that ride with you.
  3. Do you have a teen at home set to drive? – If you have a teen at home driving now or will be soon, will you feel confident letting them drive your new set of wheels? With teens having less experience behind the wheel, you may not want them driving your new auto.

As you consider new versus used, think long and hard about what is best suited for your life driving forward.

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