Here’s How You Can Make a Used Muscle Car Feel New

posted by Chris Valentine

Make a Used Muscle Car Feel New

Is your muscle car losing its glamour and aura? Do you need it to be in top-notch condition and become the envy of the neighborhood? Here is what you should do to make your used car feel new

1. Invest in modern upgrades

Buying a few recent updates is one way of giving your muscle vehicle a fresh feel. Here are some of the upgrades worth investing in

Rear-view camera: there’s hardly any new car that lacks this feature you don’t have to wait for a future date to use this convenient tech. There are plenty of easy to install aftermarket cameras available. You can get a wireless cam which comes with parking assistance, night vision as well as distance scale lines. Install your cam into the car’s reverse lights b removing some insulation and routing wires from the license plate bracket into the vehicle.  

Have a tablet: load a tablet with apps that will aid you to have better navigation. It’s used by passengers to watch movies or listen to music unlike the pre-installed radio in the car

2. Cleaning and maintenance

Maintaining your muscle car goes a long way in giving it a new feel. First, you can decide to contact various used car dealerships in raleigh to see the best tires they can provide. Look for a design that accommodates inclement weather such as snow, rain or ice. Buy long tread life tires as they will give a sense of safety and more control on the road.

Secondly, you need to deep clean your vehicle by scrubbing every hidden place. Remove seats then proceed with vacuuming as well as shampooing the upholstery. This gives the car a fresh scent and avoids a musky odor.

Third, make sure you protect the interior by investing in floor protector and covering for components that are often handled. Buy seat covers to protect seats

Lastly, if you notice any squeaky noise or funny behavior, be sure to take your car for servicing as soon as possible. Have a look at tire pressure as well as fluid levels to remove all doubts on potential problems  

3. Fix all dents and scratches

If your car has dents or scratches, you need to act on them with immediate effect. It has a cosmetic benefit of preventing rust, which might lead to further damages. Find a pro that can remove the dents using paint-less dent removals. Visit an auto repair shop if you become worried about the flexibility of paints if your car is older or has some severe damages.

4. Replace rubber seals

Rubber seals tend to grow weak over time. They result in air gaps that howl in the drag as you navigate the highway. Fresh air escapes during hot days while warm air escapes during the cold season. You need to have patience while replacing these rubber strips. As it outs a stop to constant howling; thus, you’re A/C as well as heating systems don’t have to work overtime while driving.


You don’t need to own a new car, enjoy a different experience. Why not work on your old vehicle by consulting used car dealerships in Raleigh? Here you get the way forward on make sure your used car has the same feel as a new one.  

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