How Should You Behave if You Enlist a Limousine Service Atlanta?

posted by Chris Valentine

If you have decided to use a limousine service Atlanta, and it is important that you know how to behave yourself. While it is true that you are paying for a service, that does not give you the right to do whatever you want to do. There is a certain level of etiquette that you should stick to and you will be happy to know that a good limousine service will stick to that same etiquette themselves.

Etiquette with a Limousine Service Atlanta

First of all, both you as a passenger and the driver need to be safe at all times. Never overlook safety. It is for this reason that a limousine company has limitations on how many people can fit inside the limo. it is recommended, therefore, that you hire a limo with more capacity than what you actually expect, just to be on the safe side.

Secondly, you are expected to respect the vehicle and the driver. Limousines are incredibly expensive vehicles to purchase and to maintain and you need to be respectful of that. Of course, you should be respected as well, which is one of the reasons why you may be able to use the privacy window. It is also why you will receive a superior and first class service.

Third, everybody has to abide by the law. This means you are not allowed to consume alcohol if you are underage, you may not use drugs, and you may not stand up through the sunroof. That is not to ruin your fun but it is simply because it is against the law and you will be held accountable for it. Additionally, if you break these rules, your limo driver may immediately terminate the ride and will not have to give you a refund. In terms of smoking, you need to check with your limo company whether or not that is allowed.

Fourth, when you are not riding in the limousine, you should not leave any of your valuables behind. The company will not be held responsible for the theft or loss of any of your personal items.

Last but not least, tipping is appreciated. In fact, it is customary to give the driver a 15% to 20% tip, handing it over inside an envelope. While you are by no means obligated to give a tip, it is respectful and kind to do so. This is particularly true if your driver is professional and has given you a fantastic service.

These five simple things should be common sense. However, most limo companies will tell you that common sense seems to go out of the window as soon as people have paid for something. Try not to be one of those people who feels entitled just because you have spent money. Instead, be respectful and treat others as you would like to be treated as well. You would not expect your friends to destroy your car, so why would you do that to a limousine yourself?

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