5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Caravan

posted by Chris Valentine

The average American driver took two road trips this past summer and plans to take two more in the future. What’s more, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 44% of Americans surveyed said that they are actually taking more road trips.

Are you already daydreaming about your next road trip getaway? Maybe you’re thinking to upgrade the experience, and you want to purchase a caravan.

There are a lot of decisions to make when it comes to such a large purchase. Want to learn more? Keep reading to learn about five common mistakes to avoid when buying a caravan.

1. Not Doing the Research

When buying a caravan, it’s easy to get excited and rush the purchase. After all, you’re imagining yourself out on the open road and enjoying the great outdoors. Afterward, you can retreat to the comfort of your new caravan.

Before you make your purchase, you’ll want to do the research and decide on what model you want. By the time you’re ready to buy a caravan, you should be knowledgeable about what you’re looking for and what features you want.

2. Not Paying Attention to Tow Weight

Another thing that some people might overlook is the tow weight. You’ll have to make sure that the caravan you buy will match the tow weight for your car.

If you have a small car, then that is going to be a factor when shopping for caravans.

3. Buying the Wrong Size

When looking at different caravan sizes, consider who will be joining you on your trips.

Are you purchasing the caravan so that you can take out your family of six? Then you’re going to need a good-sized caravan for everyone to be comfortable.

Or, is it just you and your partner who will be going on road trips? Maybe it’s just you that will be out on the road. In that case, you can get a smaller caravan.

Another thing to consider when choosing the size is how many trips you’re planning on taking and how long those trips will be.

4. Forgetting About Warranty or Insurance

Another mistake that buyers make is not reading the fine print of the warranty. You should read the warranty to see what it covers and how long the warranty lasts.

Another consideration is insurance for caravans. Is your caravan insured? For example, offers insurance for caravans and also camping insurance and motorhome insurance.

5. Not Buying One That Suits You

Don’t purchase a caravan because it has features that are going to impress your friends or family members. Instead, buy a caravan based on the features you’re looking for.

Make a list of what you must have in a caravan and what features you can do without.

You’re going to be spending a lot of hours in the caravan and sleeping there, so you want to make a purchase that suits you and your lifestyle.

Final Thoughts on Buying a Caravan

The above tips are some of the common mistakes when it comes to buying a caravan. A caravan is a major purchase, so it’s worth it to take the time to do the research rather than make an impulse purchase.

By making a wise purchasing decision, you’re less likely to have buyer’s remorse down the road and more likely to enjoy your caravan and your vacations.

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