4 Extreme dangerous situations you can face while driving and the ways out of them!

posted by Chris Valentine

 Whether you are constantly on the roads or you just hit the streets once in a while, but when you are behind the steering, you always want to be safe. And for this, you obviously concentrate on your driving well. Driving a car is that position wherein if you are alert and safe, you can reach miles within hours. And if you slip in between or get diverted, you have to pay for the same with your life!

That is why whenever you go at Birmingham for driving lessons from Just Pass Driving School Academy to learn the basics and complexities of driving from their experienced teachers, ensure to know about handling the emergencies too. These emergency tips are especially emphasised by your driving school teachers, but you often tend to forget them in the course of years.

 Ø  Some emergencies during driving and how should you tackle them!

Just like life, even driving has its ups and downs. Being alert at that time, assessing the situation properly and then acting wisely is extremely essential to safeguard your life, and that of others too. Let’s read about some such crucial issues that you may face while driving and how should you take control over the situation:

  • Occurrence of natural disasters while driving — If you are driving during a heavy flood, or tumultuous rainfall, ensure to limit your speed to almost minimal to stay safe on the road until you find a safe space to stop. Better pull up the window shields and wait for the water to pass away than speeding against the running water which can seriously damage your car and cause you harm. And if you feel the shake of earth while driving, take your car towards a freeway. Avoid parking near big trees, power lines and bridges — and wait for the phase to pass with your seat-belts tightly clasped. And if it’s a thunderstorm, stay away from power points and street lights in such a condition. Ensure to stay calm when such natural incidents occur and always keep in touch with your family members in order to get emergency help and guidance when needed.
  • Obstacles making you lose control — Often due to hindrances or heavy objects or blockades in the middle of the road, you often swerve out of your way. This also leads to the car skating vigorously or even taking a 360-degree circle if the vehicle was in severe motion. Never ever try to stop the car with an emergency brake at this time as it may cause a severe accident. Instead just keep your mind and eyes on the direction you want to head and keep going there in a straight line and move ahead without changing the direction in any ways.

 Car damage and trouble in isolated or remote areas — If you are driving through a faraway mountain or a remote village, and suddenly your car gives away, shut the windows and stay safe in the vehicle first. There may be dangerous animals or even highway robbers on the secluded way. Always ensure your phone stays on 100% charged mode when driving in these areas where you can contact for emergencies. Also, keep the emergency numbers stored with you, which can serve as a great help in such a situation. Also, the extra tyres, water (in case the engine shows issues because of overheating), lubricants and some knowledge about using the same can be really helpful to you in such situations. 

o   Accidents — Accidents can happen anywhere with anyone and just anyhow. Ensure to keep the SOS numbers stored in your cell phone along with the roadside assistance contacts. If you feel you have undergone an accident, then turn off the engine instantly and try to get out of the car. If you can’t do the same, try calling for help. You can also make use of horn to make others understand you need help. And if you see others in such a situation, call on the emergency number immediately. Also, take the person to the nearest medical care place after turning off the engine of the victim’s car.

During such kinds of situations, you aren’t required to think much! Just your responsiveness to stimuli action saves you from unfortunate scenes. Just be sure to always slow down and never lose your calm in these situations.

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