3 Ways You Can Be the Next Auto Accident Stat

posted by Chris Valentine

You see and read about auto accidents all the time.

That said you do not want to be the one involved in one of them.

An auto accident has the potential to change your life now and for many years to come.

So, how could you be the next auto accident stat and what should you be doing to try and avoid it?

What You Drive Plays a Big Role

In trying to steer clear of becoming an accident stat, remember these things:

1. What you drive – Are you driving the safest vehicle possible? If the response is no, this could lead you closer to being in an accident. You can never put a price on driving safety. As such, do your best to make sure your vehicle or one you are mulling over buying is safe. So, if leaning towards another vehicle, do your research. You can go online and get your hands on a vehicle history report. That report especially comes into play if you lean towards buying something used. With used cars and trucks having a history, you want to delve into the history of any used auto you consider buying. Meantime, make sure you take care of the vehicle you have now in your possession. Doing so lessens the chances of you being the next accident stat.

2. How you drive – How you go about driving your vehicle plays a role in your odds of getting into an accident. With that thought in mind, do you continually practice safe driving each time out? Even one slip up can lead you into an accident. That is why it is important to be cautious behind the wheel. No, you do not have to drive paranoid. That said you do need to practice some commonsense when driving. This means avoiding distractions that can cause an accident in a heartbeat. As an example, never use your cell phone when driving to text or call. Wait until you are in a safe spot off the road if you need to use it short of an emergency. Driving smart also means you are more careful in inclement weather. Thinking it is okay to drive fast, reckless and more in bad weather can be a recipe for disaster. Leave early if you have to be somewhere for an appointment and take your time when the roads are bad.

3. When you drive – Finally, be smart about when you drive. For instance, driving while you are sleepy is never a good thing. All it takes is a second or two for you to lose your concentration. Next thing you know, you are in an accident. If feeling tired when behind the wheel, find a safe spot to pull off and catch a few winks. If you have bad eyesight, it is not a good idea to be driving at night. Eyes tend to lose focus more at night even for the best of drivers.

By practicing safe driving habits, you lessen the chances of being the next accident stat.

So, where do you need to polish up on your driving habits?

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