6 Signature Styles of the World’s Leading Chefs

posted by Chris Valentine

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Success does not come easy. Be it any profession, you have to do something unique in order to stand out from the competition. The same stands true for the world of cooks. All the best chefs in the world have their own styles which makes them special in their own way.

They might have taken inspiration from other cooking experts, however, they never compromise on their originality because that’s what makes them extraordinary.

Of course, all this is easier said than done but we have examples of living chefs who defied the norms of cooking and became the touchstone of every kitchen.

Let’s talk about the world’s leading chefs and what makes them phenomenal in the cuisine industry:



If you go to one of Daniel Boulud’s restaurants, there is no way you can stop yourself from going there again. Simply because his knowledge about food reflects in the restaurants he is responsible for. Sausages, foie-grass stuffed burgers, potato-wrapped sea bass, and other top-quality dishes are associated with his name.

The chef’s chilled spring pea soup takes the cake here. You don’t see too many top-notch chefs famous for soup but Daniel is one of its kind. Many types of peas are used – snow peas, snap peas, and pea shoots – in the soup which take its taste to the next level.

One factor which particularly helped this soup to earn high regard is, with a little bit of know-how about cooking, you can even make it at your home. Do you want to try more recipes at home? Aarti Sequeira is there to assist you. There is an endless list of the lip-smacking recipes which ultimately brought Boulud well-deserved fame.



Gerard Craft is indisputably amongst the most iconic chefs around the world. He has many prestigious awards on his credit which echo for his versatility. Typically, he does not indulge in complex concepts of cooking. However, Gerard masters the art of introducing delicate changes in the simple dishes and making them sumptuous.

Let’s turn to his most talked-about dish now. It is a well-established fact that no one comes close to Gerard Craft when it comes to making the honey vegetable salad. Everything is so beautifully put together that one simply can’t take his eyes off from the salad. It literally looks like an artwork. The usage of vegetable colors and shapes is at its pinnacle.



Wolfgang Puck was born in Austria but became popular when he moved to the United States at the age of 24. However, today he is famous all around the world wherever good food is consumed. Also, he has many awards on his credit.

It is quite astonishing that Wolfgang landed upon his signature dish, smoked salmon pizza,  quite coincidently. The story has it, famous actress Joan Collins asked for smoked salmon with brioche bread and guess what, the bread was out of the stock. But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise – all thanks to Puck. 

He replaced bread with pizza layered with cream cheese. You need to be quick on your feet to make such adjustments. Had a mediocre chef taken this order, he would have refused the actress point-blank.  Today, Puck would be very proud to see his signature dish making it to the menus of the world’s most sophisticated hotels.     



Thomas Keller is a tremendously gifted chef but he considers the hard work as his most treasured possession. Of course, it takes a tremendous amount of labor to transform yourself into a widely acknowledged chef from a modest dishwasher. The prominent figures of America’s food industry say that nothing has transformed the country’s dining culture as much as Thomas. He is also known to have authored famous cookbooks as well.

Talking about his trademark dish, it has to be smoked salmon crisps. Basically what you get with this dish is salmon cornets with the topping of unique blends. The presentation is another aspect that will force you to admire the dish even before you taste it.



Blumenthal does not require any introduction. He has been into cooking since he was 16. Till now, he has hosted different television shows and given guest appearances as well. What makes him unique is his technique to include a scientific aspect in whatever he cooks. He has pioneered several ice cream pairings on his as well but the pairing of bacon and egg eventually surpassed the rest and became his signature dish.



When you are making the list of the world’s most influential chefs, there is no way you can skip the name of Gordon Ramsay. If you have seen his reality tv shows, he makes pretty insulting comments to the participants but it is because he can’t stand the sight of poorly cooked food. If there is any chef that can be considered as the perfectionist, it has to be him without any doubt. Ramsay is known for making various dishes including brussels sprouts with pancetta, mini chocolate tarts, butter chicken and meatball subs to name a few. However, his most proclaimed dish is wellington beef. Considering the substance of the dish, it is more famous in winter compared to the other seasons. Though given the reputation of Ramsay, not many people would mind trying it in any weather if given a chance.


In a nutshell, if you aspire to be a cook, there is a plethora of inspiration for you in the world of chefs. It is not that only people with good academic backgrounds have made it above the list, there is a diverse backdrop of people. So you should not undermine your cooking skills and your talent due to any reason. Of course, you will have your challenges down the road but they will all be worth it.

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