Savvy Shopping – 4 Tips For Snagging Bargains On Big-Ticket Items

posted by Chris Valentine

From cars and electronics to luxury homeware, buying high-ticket items will always require a bit more preparation than buying something as mundane as lunch. These are items that are higher in cost and value than your everyday shopping. While you cannot go for ‘the cheap option’ on a big-ticket item without sacrificing the quality, this doesn’t, however, mean that you have to overspend. Here are four effective tips to score yourself a bigger bargain:

1. Buy When The Price Is Right For You

When it comes to non-urgent big-ticket items, never settle for the displayed price. Instead, look around and shop at the price you want, if not, lower. This will mean waiting and tracking retailers but eventually, most market prices will come down.

If you need to make a purchase more urgently or notice an important item is being sold for a price notoriously below market value at a time you don’t have all the funds available, look into small cash loans to finance your purchase rather than a credit card. This way, you won’t have to deal with exorbitant interest rates that will spoil your savings!

2. Use Private Browsing For Online Purchases

This is best known as a technique for getting better prices on flights. The principle is simple: the more you search for something specific online, the more susceptible you are to manipulation from advertisers and search engine algorithms boosting expensive results to the top of your page. Clear your tracks and stick to the incognito mode for any important browsing, especially if you’re researching high-end items.

3. Always Negotiate

Negotiating doesn’t mean aggressively bartering like you’re at a street market on a summer holiday. In the context of shopping, it means using market competition to your advantage as a consumer. After doing your research and learning the true value of the item you plan to purchase, take note of this and mention it to the retailer you visit in case they can beat or match the cost.

When purchasing a car, there are various ways you can subtly negotiate for a lower cost. Never accept a purchase at the first price point, particularly with vehicles. Oftentimes there will be a dealership who will accept a sale slightly below market value to get the sale, so be patient.

4. Explore Your Options and Shop Around

Customer loyalty can sometimes assist you with cost negotiations but shopping always pays off. So, do your research before you offer any retailer your business. This way, you can be familiar with the market value of your product and the differing retail prices it is selling for before you agree to anything.

Visit the retailer you have the longest history with first and make your offer based on your research (see above step on negotiations). Do not mention your long-term customer status until after they respond. This way you maximize your chances of a discount. If they don’t budge, make it known you’re taking your business elsewhere. Whether this triggers a last-minute cost reduction or not, you will end up with the best price at the end of the day.

These tips are as simple as they are powerful when it comes to obtaining your goals. Whether you have a financial goal or a dream purchase you want to make soon, keep these points in mind and you’ll be able to reach it both sooner and at a better price!

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