8 Essential Tips to Finding the Most Amazing Deals While Online Shopping

posted by Chris Valentine

Billions of people shop online. That number has only grown as governments worldwide have suggested and forced many to stay indoors given public health concerns.

Chances are you were shopping online well before doing so became a necessity. After all, online shopping is convenient and oftentimes, the cheapest way to get your hands on goods.

But can you confidently say you’re getting the most amazing deals you could be while online shopping today? Unless you’re an internet savant, we’d guess that you can stand to improve your digital buying game.

Fortunately, armed with the shopping tips below, you’ll all but guarantee yourself the absolute lowest prices on everything!

1. Know Which Sites Deliver

Some eCommerce stores deliver outstanding, everyday low prices. Others are overpriced and get by via investing in marketing that convinces consumers their more expensive products are better than cheaper ones.

If you’re looking for amazing deals, learn how to see past that marketing fluff and start pinpointing which sites consistently offer the best prices.

A few low-price gems include Amazon, eBay, and Marshall’s, among others.

2. Get Coupon Code Savvy

We’ve all seen that prompt on checkout screens that asks us if we have a coupon. Most of us ignore that ask and continue on to make our purchases.

That’s a mistake.

Think about it; you might be buying a $500 TV and there could be a 20% off coupon code floating around online that would save you $100! All you have to do to find it is Google the name of your online store + coupon codes.

Most coupon codes you find online won’t work. There’s a good chance one will though and the savings it brings will be well worth the search.

3. Shop During Holiday Periods

Great deals tend to circulate around popular buying periods like Christmas and Easter. Since people are extra-willing to spend during those times, stores fight for consumer attention by offering unbelievable sales (think Black Friday).

Relegating your online shopping to popular buying periods could save you hundreds of dollars on purchases.

Granted, the best deals found during holiday periods often have limits on how many shoppers can enjoy them. If you’re quick on the click though and know where to look, you can come away with some wonderfully priced purchases.

4. Counter Seasonal Trends

This is an amazing deals hack that every fashionista knows all too well.

If you’re looking for great deals on swimsuits, you don’t shop for them in the dead of summer. Demand is high and so are prices. The same goes for shopping for coats in winter.

Plan ahead and try to buy items that are out of season through website clearance sections. If you do, you’ll find great deals on name-brand pieces.

5. Go Direct to Manufacturers

Few online shoppers engage manufacturers directly because firstly, most shoppers aren’t aware of who manufacturers products and second, manufacturers usually only sell in bulk. It could be though that for a particular product, a manufacturer has a direct-to-consumer program set up that you can take advantage of.

The best way to find out is to email them and ask.

Not sure where to find manufacturers that create the products you’re interested in? Checking out manufacturer directories like Alibaba or eTradeAsia are great places to start.

6. Buy From Private Sellers

Some of the best deals you’ll find online will be facilitated by private sellers that are selling used items. These are the kinds of deals you might find on sites like eBay, OfferUp, or Craigslist.

While nobody is usually excited by the prospect of purchasing used goods, you might be blown away by how cheap you can purchase merchandise that’s lightly used if you know where to look.

As with all private transactions, if you’re meeting up with a seller in person, exercise caution when doing so by meeting in public places during the day. Also, let at least one person know where you’ll be and that you’ll check in with them when the transaction is complete.

7. Find Deal Aggregators

There are websites online that don’t sell things but are in the business of turning you onto sales happening on other websites. These sites make their money off of commissions they receive for pushing you towards great deals.

Deal aggregators scour the web daily and relay information regarding price cuts, an Amazon giveaway, special rebate offers, and more. By finding a great aggregator and subscribing to their notifications, you can quickly get in “the know” regarding all of the best online sales.

8. Use the Internet to Find Deals in the Real World

Not all of the most amazing deals you find online can be claimed online. Many of them need to be cashed in on in the real world.

For example, sites like Craigslist have directories that can tip you off to yard sales in your area. More niche community boards might help you locate free furniture, Thrift Store sales, and similar opportunities.

Keep an eye out and don’t ever limit your shopping experience by relegating yourself strictly to your computer.

Amazing Deals Are More Plentiful Today Than Ever Before

With the global economy reeling, sellers are more inspired than ever to offer amazing deals to consumers. All you have to do to find those opportunities is to use a handful of our tips!

We hope the time you’ve spent with us helps you find the sales you’re looking for. If you’d like more advice on shopping and other lifestyle topics, browse additional content on our blog.

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