How to Find a Great Deal on Amazon

posted by Chris Valentine

Everyone knows the best deals on pretty much anything can be found online these days and there is no bigger online marketplace than  So if you are ready to jump into the biggest marketplace in the world make sure you know these tips to ensure you are saving as much as possible! Here is how to find a great deal on amazon.

Deal on Amazon

Use Promo Codes
One of the most rewarding experiences while online shopping is entering a promocode and watching your savings pile up and Amazon is a great place to use promo codes. Check sites like to search for online promotional codes. These codes will help you find a great deal on amazon and other online retailers. So why full price when there is a promo code out there just waiting to save you money!

Go Prime
Amazon Prime is Amazon’s elite member program.  Amazon Prime offers a variety of perks and services, the most exciting is free shipping. Though you also get access to Amazon’s streaming music service and their Netflix contender video service. If you really what to find a great deal on Amazon, sign up for their free Prime trial. That’s right you can get free free shipping by using a 6 month Amazon student trial account. Though even without the trial, Prime is probably a good deal for you, for $99 a year (which is less than you may already be spending on Netflix or Hulu) you get a full video streaming package, music streaming, free shipping, and and access to thousands of exclusives deals. If you are serious about saving money on, take a good look at Amazon Prime.

Timing is Everything
The holiday shopping season is here and that includes the famous( infamous? ) Black Friday. Finding a great deal on Amazon is all about timing because (just like brick and mortar stores) Amazon participates in sales such as Black Friday. Amazon also gets involved “Cyber Monday” which is the online equivalent to Black Friday. Many of the sales will be published ahead of times but some you will have to log on to see. So if you want to get the most bang for your buck this holiday season be sure and check Amazon and other online retailers during Black Friday and the following “Cyber Monday.” Remember when shopping these digital doorbuster sales, timing is everything; be there first because often supplies can be limited.

Shop Around
While Amazon is the biggest online retailer, it is not the only one. Just like if you were at the mall, it pays to shop around. So before you check out with your Amazon cart, check other online retailers, even consider 2nd hand purchases through sites like eBay, Craigslist, or nowadays even Facebook. When shopping at other e-commerce sites be sure and check for promo codes too because as we discussed earlier these can be major money savers.

Whether you are doing Christmas shopping for others or just looking for an excuse to buy yourself the latest electronics, follow these tips to get a great deal on Amazon.

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