What is the Purpose of Advent Calendars?

posted by Chris Valentine

Everyone knows when Christmas is near even without a calendar. So why are there advent calendars? Advent lasts for four weeks, starting from Sunday close to the feast day of St Andrew. This is around November 30.

The word advent is a variant of the Latin word “coming”. People have celebrated advent since the 4th century. It is a period when Christians prepare new converts for baptism. However, people no longer follow this tradition. Instead, they use the advent as a time to look forward to celebrating Christmas on December 25 as well as sample some lovely wine advent calendar.

Where did advent calendars originate?

Advent calendars usually start from December 1 to Christmas which is on the 24th. The advent calendar tradition started around the mid-19th century during the time when German Protestants used chalk to mark their doors and windows to countdown to Christmas. Gerhard Lang printed the first advent calendar in the early 1900s.

It was also at this time that a German newspaper used advent calendars as a gift package to their readers. Gerhard Lang was inspired to the act because of the calendar his mother made for him, which had 24 colored pictures attached to the cardboard.

Historic Advent Calendar Events after Gerhard Lang

Lang’s advent calendar had small doors which most modern advent calendars use today. Other popular advent calendars made in the past include the $50,000 advent calendar which was among the most expensive advent calendars in history; the advent calendar for web geeks in 2005 and the world’s largest advent calendar according to the Guinness World Records in 2007 which was at London’s St. Pancras train station.

Many types of advent calendars are made these days. Some of the common ones are designed with 25 small windows on the paper or card. People open each of the windows every day until Christmas and then a Christmas picture will be shown under it. These windows are often commemorated with some tasty wine advent calendar to prop the season.

There were even advent calendars that had Christmas stories and images drawn on the paper as well as interesting characters like the snowman and robins. You will find many characters, especially famous television cartoons, castles, and many more designs just for advent.

What is in the Market Today?

You will find a variety of paper calendars in the market today, ranging from the cheaper ones to the more durable ones. The market has different options to select from according to the different needs of the patrons. You will find advent calendars with Santa Claus, birdhouses, and birds.

The advent calendar also contributes to the anticipation of the weeks leading to Christmas Eve. It helps those who have a busy schedule and may not have time to follow up on the activities of the season.

Once you give a busy person an advent calendar, he will definitely embrace the spirit of the season and will also look forward to celebrating Christmas with his loved ones. Many families have adopted the advent calendar as a tradition year after year. It is an exciting period and also a great time to enjoy the beautiful calendars at home.

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