Take Your Career To The Next Step: Tips That Will Help You Climb The Corporate Ladder

posted by Chris Valentine

The climbing of the corporate ladder is going to take hard work as well as sacrifice. What many people do not realize is that of taking a proactive approach in getting a promotion needs to be done. Nobody is going to hand you promotion after promotion especially in more competitive work environments. A career can encounter a setback for a promotion that was given on nepotism rather than merit. Termination on false grounds can as well so make sure to be proactive about avoiding issues that could hinder your career for years. The following tips are to help climb the corporate ladder in the most efficient way possible without burning bridges.

Move For A Promotion In Title

The one tactic that is not discussed enough is going to another branch or location for a promotion. Most people do not want to relocate but this is a great opportunity to potentially earn more money in a city with a lower cost of living. Certain promotions might not come up for another few years depending on corporate structure. Moving to another country can show a company that you are dedicated and can also be a great experience. Take a look at all of the positions the company is hiring for or need to replace a staff member leaving. Take your time in deciding though as a move to another city or possibly another country comes with a huge change in lifestyle if required.

Let Your Boss Know You Are Working For That Promotion Coming Up

Letting your boss know that you will be putting in hard with the goal of getting that next promotion is important. It puts you on the mind of your manager in terms of the promotion. A manager might let you know to improve one area that you struggle with in order to be management material. Managers that value hard work will notice extra effort in areas whether it is communication or overall production.

Understand You Might Have To Leave Your Current Job To Advance

The unfortunate part of working hard and deserving a promotion is that you will not always get it. There are some companies that might not value the work an employee does and seem to not believe in their abilities. In today’s world it is easier than possible to find opportunities online and put in applications when a job interests you. LinkedIn makes seeing where jobs that are opening are available through job changes. A person could potentially get their foot in the door and hired before they even put up a job listing. A former colleague that works at a specific company could be the perfect person to reach out to in these cases.

Create A Professional Social Media Presence In Your Industry

Creating a social media presence can allow for name recognition in an industry which can result in job offers. Engage with as many people in the industry as possible with questions as well as comments on content that is shared. Setting up and scheduling content to be posted over the course of the month is wise. Do this in a few hours and make sure that if anything newsworthy happens in the industry to create content to address this as well. Having a multitude of followers can also be quite profitable if you are considered an influencer in a specific business niche. Being paid to post content can be quite lucrative depending on your follower numbers. One thing to keep in mind is staying consistent with your personal brand so avoid taking any sponsors that do not align with this.

Know What Appearance Appeals To Your Industry

The type of clothing that is worn to an industry event differs immensely depending on business niche. Dressing to impress is the name of the game with some business types while casual dress is the norm in others. Heading to can allow a person to find high quality jewelry that will only impress in every industry. Take the time to observe what the different big names in the industry are wearing as you could take some tips from them. Looking at event photos from the year before is important as you want the company to stand out for the right reasons and not for underdressing.

Being happy in your professional life offers a whole new quality of life for an individual. Being able to have that title with power to make important company decisions can come over time. This will not be handed to you though to take control of your professional life as you will have to earn these types of jobs. Even working hard will have to be coupled with some luck as the right person leaving a job at the right time can allow you to receive a promotion that might’ve taken years at another company.

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