Nine University Reviews – How to Crush it on Amazon FBA

posted by Chris Valentine

Each year there are more and more people who are looking at setting up their very own business in line with the Amazon FBA model. This is much of the reason why there are also many online courses out there which you can take, that teaches people how to do well through this particular business model. Nine University is widely considered as offering the best online course of this ilk and looking at the Nine University reviews one thing is very clear and that is that this course more than most, teaches those who take the course how to kill it on Amazon, not just do well, but become a real success, and this of course is what is driving people to that course. 

So what are the details which separate those who do well and those who don’t? Where do Nine University focus their efforts when it comes to sharing their inner secrets?


At the heart of the action is the product and it will always be the most important aspect of the business. The key here however is getting the right product and getting it, or selling it for that matter, at the right time. Customer trends for example is a great time to make money but only if you are able to spot the trend and see the opportunity. Equally there is great importance in getting the right quality product, ensuring that you get it at the right price and making sure that you are getting it from a reliable manufacturer. These are the kind of high level details you’d learn from a course. 


Contrary to what you may think, there is a great deal of marketing which goes into selling a product on Amazon and there are far more challenges than you may realize. No matter what you type in on the website you are more than likely to find multiple products which are identical, so how do you decide on one rather than the other? Some of this comes from the review score of course, but the rest is dictated by price, product placement and how the seller is able to use a few thumbnails and a short description to convince the buyer to purchase their product. 

Cash Flow 

Much like in any business cash flow is vitally important here and that is something else which has to be balanced well. There is little point in tying up 80% of your capital in products which sell sporadically, because all of your potential will be tied up in Amazon’s warehouses. This crucial and valuable business lesson is something which you are going to have to learn and it is central to what online courses will go through with you. 

The details are what you will learn from an online course but these are the keys to making your Amazon FBA business a roaring success. Would you consider taking an online course?

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