3 Ways to Get Around Your Bad Credit History

posted by Chris Valentine

Bad credit hangs around like a bad smell, whether or not you want to admit it. Unfortunately, it’s not something you can Febreze away like you’re in a commercial. It takes serious effort to erase bad history from your consumer file, and it may take longer than you realize before you see the fruits of your labor.

That means your bad habits may have a lasting impact, even while you do your best to create better ones.

So what are you to do? Check out this list to see how you might get around your less-than-stellar history while you wait.

1. Get a Loan with Bad Credit Online

Your car breaks down, your fridge is on the fritz, and you just blew your savings on fixing the sump pump. With financial luck like this, it might be hard to handle everything on your own. You may need the help of an installment loan.

If you’re worried your request will be rejected because of your history, try searching for installment loans online.

Some online lenders like MoneyKey may consider factors other than your credit score. To see how you qualify for online installment loans with bad credit, check out for more info.

2. Lease an Apartment with Mom and Pop Landlords

Renting a new apartment may be more challenging when you have a less-than-perfect score, but it’s not impossible. You just have to tweak the parameters of your search to help increase the odds you’ll find a home you like.

Big condo complexes tend to have an incorporated company running it. These types of landlords are more likely to have strict eligibility for their renters, including a prime score.

Skip them for mom and pop landlords — that is, individual homeowners who have one property, usually as a room or suite connected to their own home. They’re less likely to share the same formalities.

When you go to see their listing, beef up your application with spotless references and paystubs. Showing you earn up to four times as much as your rent is a plus, as is setting aside a down payment or advance rent checks.

3. Be Honest While on the Job Hunt

If you’re gearing up for a job search, you’re probably ready to share your work experience and all the myriad of reasons why you’re right for the position. But are you prepared to share your consumer file?

It doesn’t matter if you aren’t; your employer may run a check on your credit. It’s a common hiring practice for financial and security industries. It’s an extra way an employer determines they can trust you with money, physical safety, or confidential material.

Whether or not that’s true is beside the point. If you suspect you may have to undergo a check, honesty is the best policy. Explain why your record looks the way it does and share your plans to fix it.

Bottom Line

Living with a bad history stinks, but life’s not over as you know it. Find out how you might start packing your file with better history. Until that day comes, fall back on these tips in case a lender, landlord, or employer wants to check your history.

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