Money Matters – 6 Ways That a Financial Degree Can Benefit Your Day-to-Day Life

posted by Chris Valentine

Choosing which degree to pursue can be overwhelming.  It determines how you will spend the majority of your time, and your salary determines what you can do outside those hours.  If you are looking for a degree that is dependable and rewarding, look no further than a degree in finance.  If you think finance jobs are isolating and boring, then think again.  Read on to learn 6 ways why choosing a degree in finance can benefit your day-to-day life.

1) Education Choices

Already in the field of finance or business, and want to expand your career opportunities?  Obtaining a graduate diploma of applied finance is a great way to enhance your career options and earning potential.  This program offers the opportunity to study a specialised aspect of finance at a Master’s level.  You are able to maintain part time hours at your current job, while studying part time for one year.  Once the diploma is obtained after one year, you can opt to earn the full Masters Degree of Applied Finance by studying for an additional year part time.  Earning either of these additional qualifications will catapult you into higher paying roles in a diverse range of sectors.

2) Narrow Your Focus

There are a lot of jobs available in the business world.  A business or accounting degree can open the door to many roles, however, a degree in finance will take you a step further.  Finance degrees are harder to obtain than other business degrees, immediately setting you apart from other applicants.

3) Personality Driven

Finance is often viewed as a drab, boring area of business.  When in reality, it is an area with tremendous opportunity for innovation and collaboration.  High level roles in finance require the applicant to be outgoing and inquisitive.   It is a job that allows you to shine in both mathematical and interpersonal skills.  When leading the charge in finance, you have the opportunity to maintain the status quo while also thinking outside the box on ways to improve and grow the business you work for.

4) Strong and Growing Field

No matter how bad the economy gets, businesses will always need finance experts.  The field of finance is a strong and growing field.  As the economy continues to recover, the number and variety of jobs will only increase.  Finance is a smart and secure option for career stability.

5) Wide Variety

One of the greatest things about finance, is that it plays an integral role in every single sector.  As a finance specialist, you can work in a booming start up company or a large well-established corporation.  Every few years you can switch it up.  A highly desirable quality in a finance applicant is experience in numerous sectors and business sizes.  So while some of your friends are stuck climbing the corporate ladder in the same sector their entire career, you can move around as you please and it will benefit your career!

6) Earning Potential

As mentioned previously, a finance degree is more challenging to obtain than other business or accounting degrees.  Thus, the pay grade will generally be higher than other accounting roles.   It is a role that is not expendable, so in hard times the finance department will not be the first to go.  In fact, in hard times, the finance department becomes even more crucial to a business.

As a small business owner myself, I remember clearly the day I hired someone to do my finances.  That employee quickly became one of the greatest assets to my business.  Finance is a skill acquired through experience and education, and when applied to business it can work magic in solving problems and growing in innovative ways.  Choosing a career in finance has great earning potential, rewarding career options in a wide range of industries, and provides the opportunity to be creative in tackling finance hurdles that often hold companies from growth.  A financial degree is a smart and reliable choice to ensure you will always have job choices, job security, and job love.

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