The Benefits of Using Presentation Folders You Might Not Know

posted by Chris Valentine

Using presentation folders helps a lot when you are pitching your ideas to possible investors, or you are holding a meeting with your employees. You want them to feel engaged with what you say. You can’t make them listen to every word coming out of your mouth, but you can still make them follow the thoughts using A5 presentation folders. They can go back to the information they missed or use the folder as a reference. Apart from these benefits, you might also receive other benefits from using the folders. Here are some of them.

People’s eyes won’t be on you all the time

It is easy to feel conscious and get nervous when you see that people are looking at you. If you are pitching to around ten people in the room and all of them are looking at you simultaneously, you might want to leave the room. If you say something wrong, you might panic and lose track of your thoughts. However, if you have a presentation folder for them to read, they won’t look at you all the time. They will refer to their folder and glance at you. It makes you feel more confident.

Change people’s minds

It is not easy convincing potential investors to believe in what you say. You can’t force them to believe in your ideas, even if you believe in them. They need time to think about their decision, and they will remember your words. However, they might not remember everything you said. The good thing is when you use the folder, they have a reference. They can go back home and think about your ideas. They might already be heading towards a no, but when they see your detailed thoughts in the folder, they might change their minds.

Help in answering questions

It is also tough answering questions even if you feel like you know what you said by heart. You studied well, and you researched all the information that you mentioned. However, investors will always have something to ask that is out of the blue. If you did not prepare for that question, you could end up getting tongue-tied. The good thing is when you have a presentation folder, you can ask them to go back to a specific page to see the answer. There are also times when they might try tricking you to know if you are consistent. You can’t memorise all information, but you can refer to the folder for details.

Your business will look professional

It is not easy for investors to believe in startups, especially if they involve young people who don’t know what professionalism means. They might have smart ideas, but they can’t professionalise their business. It is a major turnoff for investors. If you show that you are professional when you present and you have professional looking visual aids, you can convince them that you are taking it seriously. They won’t go wrong if they choose to partner with you.

It is smart to invest in a presentation folder if you want to win people’s hearts.

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