2020’s Trends in Cyber Security You Should Be Keeping an Eye On

posted by Chris Valentine

Do you want to increase your business’s online security?

Securing your business is an essential task for any business owner. It’s essential to keep your merchandise from theft, and it also protects any sensitive information you have on your clients and your employees. It also increases your image as a professional and trusted business to your customers, making them feel more comfortable and safer in doing business with you.

With the Internet becoming a vital part of business, it’s vital to increase your cybersecurity. Paying attention to the trends in cybersecurity is the best way to do this. Thanks to our increasing speed in technological advancements, updates are constantly being released.

We’ve put together a list of the best trends to help you keep track of them. Read on and safeguard your business against them.

1. Ransomware

Ransomware is something you should watch out for if you’re managing a large business. This is because successful businesses are the primary targets of these cybercriminals. They do this because large companies stand to lose the most, and they use it to their advantage.

They do this by leaving a Trojan software with your business. It can arrive via email or by having someone install a tainted foreign device into your system. You can avoid these by having good anti-virus software installed.

2. Mobile Phishing

With the mobile device ownership increasing at a steady pace, most hackers are taking advantage of their inferior security measures. Great sense and increased security measures stopped traditional phishing before. Mobile users are the perfect victims because they have neither of these.

Most users are unaware of how dangerous these phishing schemes are. Mobile phones not having the same level of security only make them easier to steal from. This can harm your business by causing you to divulge sensitive information.

You can avoid these by doing a quick background check on any mail you get on your mobile. It’s easy to spot a phishing scheme if you know what to look out for.

3. Fraudulent Apps and Software

Among the newest trends in cybersecurity threats are fraudulent programs. These are becoming more common because people don’t know the legitimate programs to download. This is because there are many clones for essential programs online nowadays.

It’s a common problem for smaller businesses. They’re the ones who look for cheaper alternatives for some premium apps. They download pirated versions of these programs, and this is where dangerous lines of code exist.

These lines of code can contain instructions to delete your database. These can also contain instructions for your device to send out information to their point of origin.

Keeping yourself safe from these attacks is as easy. Downloading essential programs from the developer’s website is all it takes. Paying to use their program is a small price compared to suffering a significant loss in data.

4. Cloud Hacking

The cloud is another essential tool for businesses today. It’s a place for businesses to put any excess data that they can’t store on their physical data banks. A trend will surround hackers getting into the cloud to get information from you.

Cloud hacking is an old trend that proved to be ineffective before. People would become alerted of the attempt. The warning gave them enough time to reinforce their security measures and prevent anything worse from happening.

Times have changed, though, and so have the methods of hackers. They can access the cloud faster and steal your data right from under your nose. What’s great is that Charlotte IT solutions have a list of methods to increase cloud security.

This can stop them from stealing your data if not slow them down. Implementing these will still stop hackers because of how timeless these security trends are.

5. Multi-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication was the best way to keep someone’s account before. This alerted them if someone was accessing their account on another device. It made it impossible to access the account without the linked number or account.

There are new ways for them to get this data, though. This makes the two-factor authentication measure useless. What’s great is that there’s an upgrade called multi-factor authentication.

This includes fingerprint scans and other verification methods. Among them is even a one time code sent to a trusted friend or family member. This makes it harder for anyone to access any of your accounts.

6. 5G Security Threats

As with other new network launches, the 5G network will have some kinks to it. It can be small problems like inconsistent signals. The only problem is that some kinks can allow hackers to access private data faster.

With the speeds that the new network offers, you may not have time to take action against this. There are no good security measures against 5G yet because no one knows what to expect. All you can do is increase your cybersecurity as best as you can.

7. The Microsoft Time Bomb

Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system will stop receiving updates soon. This is an issue because most businesses use Windows 7. This is the most compatible and versatile OS for their needs.

Since updates will stop for Windows 7, it will be defenseless against newer hacking methods. This is only a problem if the business can’t afford newer versions of Windows. It’s better to switch now and figure out how to make the new version work with your business.

8. Carrier Drones

Drones are a new tool used for many things, from photography to architecture. Some people will also use them for cyber-attacks, though. A new method of transmitting viruses to open networks revolves around drones.

These drones will host malicious software in them. They will then send it to any network they can access in the area. The malicious software will then harvest data from you while the drone is in the area.

Increasing your network security will help you avoid this from happening. It can also slow down the harvesting process while you look for ways to prevent it.

Track These Trends in Cybersecurity Today

Keep your business secure by tracking these trends in cybersecurity. Prepare your business to fight against these threats today!

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