Benefits of Social Media Listening to the Corporate Sector

posted by Chris Valentine

A consumer from a random city in the world gives a favorable opinion of your product line on Twitter while a different one enlists your company among the up-and-coming with a lot of potential. In the meantime, another goes on Reddit and gives a negative review of your customer support services. With all this happening, a competing firm publicly announces its introduction of a new product line.

Imagine if all these details were conveniently accessible by your staff, including public relations, social media department, and the marketers? Social media listening comes in handy when dealing with such instances. The social listening action plan entails a scenario where given questions, words, and common phrases that are available on social media forums are assessed. Names of products would be among the words that would be observed for analysis.

There is an endless list of the number of activities that could be tracked on social media platforms. You can keep tabs on competitor labels, names of industries, and advertising hashtags. Through social media listening, you can zero in on your area of interest. For instance, you can access searches for people who require working areas in Seattle. When using social listening tools, you can monitor information about anything on the internet, including blogs and various platforms.

Since social listening incorporates information from social media forms and other spheres can result in double meaning. Also, social listening can be used indistinguishably with words like social media measurement, social media monitoring, brand monitoring, social media intelligence, and buzz analysis. As much as these words can be used as a substitute for another, they can refer to entirely different things.

Business owners can get insights for their enterprises through social media listening. Information such as clients’ reviews, market status, and competing companies can come in handy. You could view this approach as a means of acquiring data without going through the struggle of questioning anyone. You can apply the acquired information in various situations. Among the many ways, data from social media listening tools can be beneficial is through safeguarding the brand’s reputation.

By keeping track of the brand name, firms can evaluate market progress and take the necessary measures. In case there is a huge decline in the comments about the brand, companies can devise strategies that can avert reputation damage. A firm can monitor the activities of their competitors through social media listening. To stay ahead of the curve, you can use this information and develop an efficient set of tactics.

You can compare your brand with what your competitors have to offer. Gain a better understanding of their client base and know why they prefer commodities from your competitors. By doing so, you will recognize what they need and lack from their supplier. With this in mind, you can work on your product line and capture the attention of these clients. There is a wide array of information you can collect regarding competing firms.

Whether you are working on a new or existing product, what your consumers think about your brand is a crucial factor. Through social media forums, you can learn about consumers’ reviews of your product line. If you decide to enhance your product, you will want to know the response of your target audience. Listen to the concerns of your consumers and create a brand that works for them.

A Brief History

NetBase is a future generation foundation that focuses on artificial intelligence by analyzing information on social media forums for firms all across the world. Through such effective means, businesses can create and grow their brand while incorporating customer’s views. NetBase collects information from sectors such as research, marketing, public relations, sales, and product development. The efforts of this company have been acknowledged by several institutions, including Forrester, TrustRadius, and G2 Crowd.

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