5 Reasons You NEED To Focus On SEO In 2020

posted by Chris Valentine

You have dozens of ways to market your business. They include social media, networking, referral marketing, and pay per click ads. It is also advisable to research about digital asset management software.

One of the things that you have to include is SEO. SEO is the most important of the marketing methods because it puts your business in front of customers at the perfect time.

If you find yourself asking why is SEO important, keep reading to learn the top reasons why you can’t ignore SEO in 2020.

1. People Start Buying with a Search

When people start the process to buy a product, they’ll do research first. They’ll look up different brands, prices, and reviews.

About 35% of product searches start with Google. You want to make sure that your products and information appear in these searches.

2. Search Is the Go-To for Everything

Google processes about 40,000 searches every second. Google is the go-to for people looking for a restaurant nearby, a roofer in the middle of the night to fix a repair, or to answer a question.

Google is the place that people turn to, and your business has to be where your customers are online.

3. You’re Giving Business to Your Competitors

People are searching for your products or services whether your business is listed online or not. People also don’t go past the first page of search results.

If people are searching for your products or services and you’re not there, who gets all of the clicks? That would be your competition.

That’s right, by not positioning your business to compete at the top of search results, you’re essentially handing potential customers over to your competition.

4. Return on Investment

Of course, if you invest in any form of marketing, you expect to see a return on investment. That’s the case with SEO and it delivers time and time again.

The cost of SEO is reasonable, but you don’t want to underpay for it either. If you make an investment in a good firm, you’ll see a return on that investment.

5. SEO Ties All Marketing Together

The best thing about SEO is that it connects the dots between content marketing, referral marketing, and traditional advertising.

When someone is referred to your business, they’re inevitably going to look your business up online to check out your services.

If your site doesn’t appear in search results, that will create a sketchy impression in the mind if the potential customer.

Why Is SEO Important?

There’s no question that digital marketing is important in order to grow your business. Yet, if your business can’t be found easily in search results, your business doesn’t exist in the eyes of people searching. You don’t need to wonder why is SEO important anymore.

Instead of giving all of that business to your competition, make sure that you invest in SEO. It’s a cost-effective way to market your business, and the return on investment can be great.

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