Struggling to Generate Traffic to Your Website? Cut Your Losses and Hire a Marketing Agency

posted by Chris Valentine

Are you struggling to generate sales and conversions? Are you falling short of your traffic-generating goals? If you’re not making the progress you expected when you launched your site, you’re probably trying to do too much on your own.

While some people take marketing into their own hands, that’s not an effective strategy unless marketing is your natural passion. Marketing is a complex industry that requires experience and expertise you can’t gain from watching YouTube videos. 

DIY marketing isn’t really a “thing”

To be a successful DIY marketer you’ll have to commit to developing your skills over time. You can’t just learn how to perform some technical tasks and call it a day. Marketing requires knowing markets and psychology, which takes time to learn.

 More importantly, if you’re running a business you don’t have time to thoroughly learn essential digital marketing skills like SEO, link building, and content marketing. These digital marketing components are best left to professional marketing agencies.

 If you’re trying to implement your own marketing campaign, there are several possible reasons you’re not getting the traffic and conversions you want:

1. You don’t have a professional SEO strategy

SEO is an integral part of digital marketing. If you want conversions, you need to implement search engine optimization. Not having an SEO strategy is like marketing your product to an empty room. You can have the best product in the world, but if nobody knows about it, you won’t make any sales.

A good SEO strategy will help you gain visibility in the search engines, which will increase the amount of organic traffic you generate over time. Getting targeted, organic traffic to your site is the foundation for a successful marketing campaign.

Generating traffic to your website ensures you’re not marketing your product to an empty room.

2. You’re using ineffective marketing methods

 How do you know the marketing methods you learned online are effective? You’ll have to use trial and error and hope you’ve learned a reliable method. However, if you’re not a marketer by trade, you probably won’t know how to set up your campaigns to measure your results.

 Working with a professional marketing agency guarantees your results and progress will be tracked from day one so adjustments can be made along the way.

3. Your market can’t relate to your messages

Do you really know your market? If you’re struggling to make sales, your market might not identify with your marketing messages.

Marketing messages can get a little tricky. Sometimes the end user of a product is not the target market. For example, women make the majority of purchase decisions for a household. That means women are buying products for themselves and other household members, including spouses and children. In other words, women are often the target market even when they’re not the end user.

While you can market some products directly to children knowing they’ll ask their parents for the items, that only works with things like food and toys. If you’re going to market kids’ products like strollers, cribs, and clothes, you’ll need to market those directly to mothers; your messages will need to convey a message that mothers identify with.

Professional marketing agencies know exactly how to reach your target market whether they’re the end user or not.

 4. Your personal preferences are driving your marketing efforts

One of the easiest places to get tripped up is using your own preferences for copy and imagery in your marketing. All copy and images need to match your target market, and you’re probably not your target market.

For example, say you’re a powerlifter and you start selling a generic dietary supplement. You decide you want to target powerlifters and long-distance runners. That’s not hard, but you can’t market to powerlifters the same way you’d market to long-distance runners.

An ad showing someone deadlifting 500 pounds won’t appeal to a long-distance runner. And vice versa. Powerlifters won’t be interested in ads depicting skinny, long-distance runners hanging out on a track.

A visual mismatch between your ad and what your market identifies with will tell your market “this product is not for me.” It won’t matter if your supplement is great for everyone, including grandmothers and small children. Your ads must be relatable to each segment of your target market.

How much have you invested in a DIY marketing campaign?

You may have already invested plenty of time, energy, and financial resources into trying your hand at marketing. However, if you need results now, it’s time to cut your losses and hire a professional marketing agency

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