Dr. Bruce G. Fagel – What Skills Do The Best Attorneys Have

posted by Chris Valentine

There is a large difference between a good attorney and a great one, which is something that we are looking into today. A good friend of mine is very much a great attorney and that is why she is working at the law offices of Dr. Bruce G. Fagel, where the very best ply their trade. Having ha d little bit of legal experience, I can clearly see that my find is indeed a great attorney and so I am basing this off what she does for a living. 

There is nothing wrong with being a good attorney of course, not at all, and without them the world would be a far less just place. If however you have dreams of being great, here is what you need to understand. 

Playing Roles Within a Team 

There are many team members which work on a case and the very best attorneys have a clear understanding of how each of them work. In fact most great attorneys have applied all roles within  the team setting and for that reason they know how a team should run and what their role within it is. Many don’t  grasp just how important each cog in the wheel is. 

Understanding Balance

A tough aspect of being a lawyer is the need to understand the balance between helping everyone and making money. This should never be about making money of course, it should be about justice. Unfortunately however, if a law firm does not make money then they will not be able to help out anyone at all. Great attorneys understand this balance and they are able to work with clients in such a way that keeps both the law firm happy, and still manages to help out those in need. 

Lengthy Hours

Something which very few people truly understand about great lawyers is that they work harder than the rest. Many think that when attorneys gain a name or a reputation that they take their foot off the gas and leave things up to their team, but this simply isn’t the case. What makes these attorneys great is their desire and their work ethic, and they are some of the hardest working men and women in the legal field. 

Understanding Relationships 

Great attorneys have a solid understanding of the importance of relationships. This is not just within their own law firm, but also within the courtroom, with judges and cllerks. This is also about creating relationships with clients who may need something else in the future. Great attorney don’t turn their backs on the case when it is often, and they don’t turn their back on others either. These relationships are critical to the continued success of great attorneys and it is yet again something which sets them apart from the rest. 

These are the cornerstones of becoming not just a good attorney, but a truly great one. Do you have what it takes?

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