Why Crypto Gaming Could Be Global Gaming’s Future

posted by Chris Valentine

Cryptocurrency is among the technological breakthroughs that most industries have witnessed in the 21st century. The casino industry will benefit significantly from it moving forward. The majority of transactions and gaming services will rely on technology to make every aspect of gaming convenient.

There is a list of casino sites in Canada that have already adopted the use of cryptocurrency. Others are yet to adopt it, even though there is a growing demand for crypto-powered transactions and other related services.

We linked up with our gaming expert Michelle Thomas to enlighten you about crypto gambling and what it means for the gaming industry’s future. Read on to find out.

What is cryptocurrency?

If most of your transactions have been through cards (debit/credit), the concept of cryptocurrency will sound unfamiliar to you. You will think that transacting via cryptocurrency is complex, yet that’s not the case.

It refers to a digital currency protected by cryptography. The currency is intangible because it’s available in a virtual form, unlike cash that people see and touch. The best aspect of it is that it utilizes the power of blockchain technology to enhance its effectiveness. It’s not centralized like other forms of currencies that get controlled by a central body.

Various forms of cryptocurrency such as Ethereum and Bitcoin make crypto transactions a top preference for most Canadians when using casinos sites. They are safer and secure hence making it a better method of transaction.

How will cryptocurrency impact the future of gaming?

Will make transactions better

Transactions take the shortest time when using cryptocurrency than banks. As such, players using crypto methods to transact will confirm that they don’t have to wait for a central body for approval. Instead, they only require a crypto wallet to start.

The banks will require you to authenticate every transaction before they reach the recipient hence complicating the process. They also deny the players proper control over their money. Through cryptocurrency, they have the chance to withdraw anytime with little procedures. It’s a great deal for the online casino players in Canada who use sites such as those reviewed at casino reviews and other parts of the world since they can move money into and out of their gambling accounts through gaming crypto.

Minimized costs

Every player desires to make a profit out of the casinos. As such, they are always looking for methods of cutting costs. Cryptocurrency is among the methods that help them do transactions without incurring much in fees.

Considering the bonuses some casinos reward the players; cryptocurrency makes it better for them. It allows them to build on their bankrolls with the minimum amount. Additional charges always arise because of the network fees levied on the players depending on the currency they use. The use of cryptocurrency in gaming industry will prevent them from incurring any charges during the transactions. That gives them a better chance of winning better rewards.


Considering the increased cases of online fraud, online security remains a top priority for most players. The casinos have centralized servers where they keep the users’ data and other essential information.

With the increased casinos online, the industry remains at higher risk of getting attacked by scammers who need the users’ data. Other fraud-related cases have also arisen in the past especially involving players who use debit/credit cards to transact.

But that’s a different case with casinos using cryptocurrency. The technology does not require the players to provide any sensitive information, limiting any possible loopholes that lead to such attacks. 

That puts them at no risk considering that there is no provision of personal details during the transaction. It gives the casino players the comfort of playing any game they need online with ease and no doubts about their online safety.

Regarding the above benefits of crypto gambling to casino companies and players, it’s undeniable that it’s the future of gaming. It has worked to eliminate the issue of cyber threats, delayed transactions, and transactional charges. 

It’s no doubt that many sites will adopt the method to give the players the best services they need. If you plan to invest in the gaming industry, it’s the right time because the technology will reshape the industry.

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