The Benefits Of Trade Show Rental Booths To Your Business

posted by Chris Valentine

An open floor, hundreds of businesses, thousands of potential clients and customers.  Finding your business and brand at a tradeshow is a phenomenal opportunity. There are a number of benefits that you will encounter that will allow you to best build an almost infinite number of business relations.  But you need to stay focused on communications, and that’s where the benefits of renting a trade show booth come in.


The benefits of renting exhibit booths for trade shows is the flexibility you have, moving from show to show.  This allows your team to make decisions and alterations to your booth without having to worry about owning different signs and displays.  Want to make alterations? Simply let your team know in advance and they should be able to take care of those changes for you while you take care of your company.


The most beneficial part of renting booths for trade shows as opposed to owning your own booth is that you don’t have to worry so much about the setup or the teardown processes of your booths, it is all taken care of, by your booth rental company.  This saves you a lot of time and energy, not to mention the added costs involved in the trade show. Your biggest concern only has to be about your product and your brand, ensuring that the representatives at the show know exactly what they are communicating. If it is all in-house staffing at your trade shows, they don’t have to worry about the end of the day clean up or early morning setups, saving them time to get much-needed rest to stay energetic when interacting with attendees.  Basically, you are able to focus on the important things, as well as running your business while at these shows when you trust in a rental company to help operate and maintain your booths.

New and innovative ideas

Renting your trade show booth has advantages that surpass simple logistics of maintenance and care, or worrying about transportation. A great incentive for renting your booth needs, as mentioned by Art and Display, is that you can experiment with the types of designs and layouts you have, exploring different options. Because buying your booth equipment basically means you have to commit to those signs, displays, and layout.  Renting, on the other hand, lets you experiment with different designs, getting different aesthetic feels, using new technology and making it easier to keep modern at any trade show. By doing so, you give yourself an edge over your competition that may have outdated technology or layouts to attract more customers and clients.

Tailor your booth to the show you are at

The innovative freedom that you are allowed to explore with booth rental services is great, and what’s even better is that you can tailor each booth to the show that you have.  If you have a larger space, you won’t have to worry about not having anything on display there. You can customize your trade show real estate with what you see fit to the actual show itself.  Marketing for a fashion trade show, feel free to add mannequins or production materials to set the theme. Rental services are all about freedom, about your booths.  

Low maintenance and upkeep costs

Renting your booth displays allows you to keep lower maintenance and upkeep costs as you do not have to worry about storage for your displays and equipment.  Typically, when going from show to show, your company will have to deal with a lot of signs and displays moving from one event to another.  This means renting trucks, hiring set-up and tear down staff, organizing prep times, paying for storage units, and paying for shipping of all your displays over further distances. When you aren’t on the road, you need somewhere to keep all your stuff.  This can be taking up lots of space in your office if you aren’t paying for a storage unit to house your booth displays and items. Renting trade show booths basically frees you from all that responsibility, and this can be very useful if you don’t go to too many shows as often as other companies or brands.

Insurances, Damages

When you choose to rent booths, displays, and signages, you won’t have to worry about damages.  The company you choose to get your booth customized at will cover most of the damages and items that need repairs or replacing.  This removes the worry on your end for having to get new signs, displays, and equipment if you damage anything.

At the end of the day, the reason you are at a trade show is to connect with people, with clients and consumers.  If you are worried about too many of the logistics of being a part of the show, you are taking away any focus you’re supposed to give to your show and booth attendees.  Keep those two things separate and allow yourself the best chance to make quality connections by letting someone else worry about your booth. This attention will translate well with your visitors.

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