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Today’s modern world is filled with a multitude of ways to market directly to the customer. However, postcard marketing is a form of direct marketing that has gained a negative reputation over the last few years. The fact is that 4×6 postcard printing dropped low for a few years, but is now rising dramatically because a postcard marketing campaign is still a very effective marketing campaign idea for the new small business or the established small business. Certainly, people are very visual and a postcard with high quality colorful graphics instantly demands the customer’s attention. Here is more to consider.

Postcard Marketing Is Affordable

We’ve all heard about the company that went under because they were not able to afford an effective marketing campaign. Postcard marketing with very affordable 4×6 postcard printing is a very effective way to help the small business compete with their larger competition. Postcard marketing is direct marketing to targeted customers. It worked in the past for new startups and it is still a very effective direct marketing tactic today to grow a small business.

Testing New Offers And Campaigns

Perhaps, your small business is in the process of starting a new service or producing a new product. The company would like to determine the size of the market for the service or product. Postcards provide a way to test the waters and decide if there is a market without wasting time, effort, and money on a larger campaign.

Effective Way To Track Marketing Results

Large corporations spend thousands on tracking the results of their marketing campaign. Those marketing results are important. They let the business know if they are reaching their targeted audience. However, postcard marketing is an effective way for a small business on a budget to track their marketing campaign results. For example, your small business might offer the customer a 10 percent discount, if they bring in the postcard to the business or your company might provide a special discount code that they provide online to a website to receive the discount.

Save Time

One reason that a direct mail campaign might fail, involves the time factor. The average person does not want to take the time to open an envelope and read a long or detailed marketing letter. However, a short message on a postcard offering a discount or to stop by the website for a discount is a very powerful way to gain customer attention. This saves time for the company and the customer in the long run.

Postcards Reduce Waste

Of course, every small business is concerned about waste and polluting the world with more products that are potentially hazardous to the environment. Did you know that 4×6 postcard printing actually reduces waste? Postcards are small and very versatile. They do not take up a lot of space. A postcard could serve as a business card, calling card, or discount card for a customer. Thus, reducing the amount of printed material required along with excess waste, or costs.

Isn’t it time that you decided to grow your small business with a very effective postcard marketing campaign? Contact us for more information.


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