Actionable Law Firm SEO Strategies that Work

posted by Chris Valentine

SEO is changing the way digital marketing it’s done. It’s improving the prospects of websites. With SEO, you can take your firm from zero to something. For instance, law firm SEO can make your business stand out from the rest and tremendously flourish. This will not only improve your site’s visibility but also fetch you more leads. Of course, purchasing ad spots on TV and radio still makes sense.  Even more, you can still rent billboard spaces to plaster your law firm’s brand. However, nothing can come close to what digital marketing brings on the table. With digital marketing—especially SEO—you have an easy way to reach an unlimited number of clients. With the following SEO strategies, you can break the market ceiling and get more leads for your law firm.

Performing an SEO Audit

Start by performing an SEO audit. This way, you’ll be able to know how things are currently and how you can improve them.

While it may sound quite intimidating, this isn’t usually a complex undertaking. With the right tools plus resources, you can quickly knock it out and establish a strong foundation through which you can facilitate future growth. Depending on your specific business needs and objectives, choose the best method for conducting the SEO audit.

Consider Updating Your Profiles

As a law firm, you need to regularly update your online profiles. And these include Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Avvo, Super Lawyers, and Justia. You don’t only need a strong presence on these sites as well as networks, but you also need your profiles to feature accurate and detailed information. This makes your law firm discoverable and enables you to build a consistent online image.

Keyword Research is Key

Conduct comprehensive keyword research. There are several tools you can leverage when it comes to keyword research. Also, stay away from keyword stuffing. Include the keywords in the content in a natural way.

It’s All About Creating Niche-Specific Content

Most lawyers often believe that SEO is a technical field that entails developing websites, creating page structures, and utilizing advanced analytics to optimize codes. And while there’s definitely a technical side of SEO, it isn’t nearly as secretive as most people think. The truth is that search engine optimization is all about content.

Do you want to take your SEO efforts to an entirely new level? Well, consider investing in quality content. This will inform the search engine about your site’s main focus and who it’s specifically designed for. Plus, it also plays a significant role in attracting prospective clients and helping them understand your firm.

Create a dedicated section on your site for each practice area. For instance, if you’re a personal injury attorney, you’ll need a page for car accidents, product liability, dog bites, as well as slips and falls. The more extensive the pages are, the better. So, spend time to create quality content. Give clients legal tips. With quality content, clients can stick around your site—which will automatically turn them into leads.

What about Blogging Calendar

SEO is all about content. With great content, you have unlimited ways of reaching your potential clients. So, routinely create quality content. Make a calendar for your blogging. Remain disciplined. Remember, digital marketing is all about discipline, consistency, and focus. Have a timetable. Let that timetable spell out all your content creation actionable plans. Stick to explicit deadlines. Here are a few tips to help you create powerful, seductive content that converts.

  • Sticky—create useful as well as linkable content. The content you create should retain the intended value over time. It should give the reader value.
  • RelevanceCreate relevant content. Your content should address explicit pan points.
  • Uniqueness—when it comes to content, uniqueness takes center stage. So, don’t use shortcuts. Create unique content. Don’t plagiarize. Google might discover you and punish you severely.
  • Long-form Content—Prioritize creating long-form content. Stick to more than 1000 per article.

Consider Pursuing Link Building

Link building is a powerful digital marketing strategy that can give your law firm that competitive edge. However, that doesn’t mean going crazy about it. Have a foundation for link building. Learn the best link building strategies. Do away with dead links. They tend to put off clients. Secure backlinks from those high authoritative sites like Forbes. It will boost your online visibility and secure you more leads.


Encourage your past clients to leave reviews. However, let it be natural. Let them look genuine. With reviews, you announce to the rest of the world that you understand what you are doing. Thus, clients can trust you for legal services.


Speed is good. Besides, no client will want to stick around a site that takes ages to load. So, ensure that your site loads quickly. Improve the navigability of your site.

Local SEO

Take your game to local SEO. With local SEO, you have a powerful way of increasing your online visibility locally—which plays a key role in getting you more local leads. Learn how to do local SEO. For instance, if you are located in New York and you are a criminal lawyer, your keywords should look like this:

  • New York Criminal Lawyer
  • The best New York Criminal Attorney

Also, consider including all your contact information on the service page.

Optimize For Images

Create good images. Ensure they are optimized. Use the right keywords to optimize your law firm images. Ensure they are of high resolution.

YouTube Videos

Create high-quality videos. Like images, optimize them. Let the videos vividly explain your service offering.

Key Take away: Don’t Miss the Opportunity

Of course, you are a lawyer. Digital advertising isn’t your thing. But, that doesn’t mean cowing down and letting the big timers in town beat you to submission. Plus, getting more clients is all about doing strategic SEO advertising. So, go for it. It’s all your law firm needs. Let help you hit your goals today!

The Bottom-Line

SEO is still the king. It can fetch you a lot of clients. The above are actionable SEO strategies any law firm can employ and skyrocket to greatness. From performing an SEO audit to creating quality content—these are the strategies you need to establish your brand.


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