Commercial Real Estate Myths Way Too Many Believe

posted by Chris Valentine

So many misconceptions appear when you talk about commercial real estate and buying a commercial property. Identifying myths is really important. Misconceptions can easily deter risk-taking behavior and investments. Being successful is all about making really good choices. This is why Pedro Martin Terra Group Co-Founder highlights the following myths too many people think are true.

A Lot Of Money Is Needed To Start

This is one of the most common misconceptions that exist in real estate. You do not have to hold a lot of money in order to make property investments. The bank does not analyze your own balance before funding is approved. The bank basically thinks about potential profits a deal could offer. If the deal is highly appealing, there is a huge possibility funding will be obtained. However, you should not rely solely on the banks since there are many private lenders that are going to help people that want to make good investments.

Numbers In Real Estate Are Hard To Understand

It is completely true that real estate numbers can be overwhelming for most people, especially when not much is known about market terms. However, nowadays, people have access to various software programs that can do most of the work. All that is needed is to properly know figures. Software is going to then compute all that should be known. Everything that remains is boiling down to interpreting figures. This will help make truly informed decisions.

Commercial Properties Are Always Advertised

This is what separates the really good investors from those that are just beginners and that often fail. The myth is that available commercial properties are always listed somewhere, especially online and in newspapers. This is incorrect. In reality, it is the real estate broker that has contacts and that knows about numerous commercial properties available on the market and that are not advertised. Remember that most properties are actually sold through agents way before they are officially put on the market.

Commercial Property Management Is More Difficult Than Residential Property Management

Property management is not at all easy to do. However, the myth that commercial property management is tougher is incorrect. With the commercial properties you can often just hire management services that will take care of most of the work for you. This even includes finding clients in some circumstances.

It Is Hard To Find Good Deals

This is a big stop sign for those interested in making real estate investments. In reality, there will always be some great deals that you can find if you look carefully. The idea is that you need to do your research and stay optimistic. If you know where to look and how to look, it is quite easy to find very good real estate investment opportunities to take advantage of.

Agents Can Represent Both Sides At The Same Time

Any real estate agent will have the best interests of the client at heart. This is why you have to be careful and you need to be sure that you do not blindly trust intermediaries. Always work with those people you trust.

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