Tips For Salvaging Your Favorite Clothes

posted by Chris Valentine

We all have that one shirt or sweater that we love but just can’t quite let go of. Sometimes it’s because it’s old and ripped, or maybe we’ve just changed up our style, but it’s always hard to part with a classic piece of clothing that we loved to wear. I know I’ve dealt with some tough decisions to toss an old favorite, but I’ll show you some ways to make use of those clothes


Assuming they’re still in wearable condition, donation is a good way to pass on your love for an item of clothing to someone else. We out-grow styles and trends but sometimes someone else is looking for that very same look. Responsible, charitable and sometimes even profitable, donation is a great way to help someone else and clear up your closet to include some new pieces that may soon become your favorites.


We’ve all heard of recycling, but upcycling is a little bit different. Upcycling clothing is when you recreate the clothing or combine it with something else. Taking an old sweater and combining it with the material of a plaid shirt, for example. This technique is very useful because you get to keep that favorite piece of clothing without the reminder of the wear and tear it’s been put through. As an added bonus, it’s fun and creative.

Find Inspiration

Sometimes we need a little outside perspective on our look. Sometimes I use example clothing when envisioning my style, seeing what has is just one of many ways to help me get my creative juices flowing. Using other people’s wardrobes is an excellent way to repurpose an old favorite in a new and fresh way. You never know what kind of interesting looks you may discover just by checking out new clothes!

Make New Clothes or Accessories

Similar to upcycling, we can use clothing to craft entirely new creations. Turning a shirt into a tote bag? Easy. Create a blanket with sweaters? Why not. The list of possibilities are endless when we think outside the box. Making new accessories saves money on purchasing those products. Environmentally responsible as well, but this tip does require a certain level of skill in knitting and sewing, but maybe it’s a good idea to add more skills to our resume. After all, why not create an online boutique for your new homemade creations.

Trading or Swapping

Sometimes the best inspiration can be our friends of family close to us. Try trading or swapping clothes with them and see if they like it and can utilize the clothing in a way you didn’t see before. The upside to this over donating is that you can always ask to borrow the clothes back and it’s a great way to save money.

Well, there you have it. These are some interesting ways to help salvage those old favorite pieces of clothing and potentially create new ones in the process. Whether it’s ripped, torn, out of style or just in need of some new life, we can always find fresh ideas to rejuvenate the statement pieces in our clothing lineup.

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