Nail Polish Colors that Go with Any Outfit

posted by Chris Valentine

Although most women love getting their nails done, their color choice might only match a few outfits in their wardrobes. To avoid this fashion mistake, opt for versatile colors that can go with all the outfits in your closet. Trendy colors do not stick around for long, that’s why you need a few colors in your arsenal.

Here are some nail polish colors you need to try for versatility:


This color is hard to like but it is quite versatile and sophisticated. It will go with any outfit you own without overpowering your entire look. If you have several brown outfits, the polish will match them; but if you do not, it will still complement the color and style of your outfit.


No matter how drab this color sounds, you need to try it if you want an adaptable look: the neutral color goes well with almost anything. Grey nail polish will add an effortless yet chic edge to your boring, formal outfits. You will not get tired of this color because there are many shades you can choose from. Not to mention the new connotation that comes with shades of grey thanks to a certain book.


Although mint is considered by many to be a spring color, you can wear it all through the year if you like. If offers a great alternative when blush pinks and neutrals have bored you. Moreover, this color will make you seem cool at formal occasions.


Although silver might fall in the family of grays, it has more pop. Silver is a vibrant color that has the ability to transition from your work presentation to a night out with the girls. If you like, you can even add a few silver-colored accessories to make your outfit look more glam.

Bright Pinks

As far as nail polish colors are concerned, bright pink is a color that goes with almost anything. Depending on how you are feeling on a particular day, you can choose as vibrant a pink as you want. In fact, you can let your nail polish act as your accessory. Bright pink polish is the best way to add some color to your formal outfits.



The best thing about this nail polish is that it does not matter which color you choose; you can go with anything from denim and cobalt to sky and baby blue. You can make your nails seem sophisticated without looking like you are trying too much. This color will match your blue jeans perfectly, making you appear classy.


If the regular nail polish colors are boring you, opt for something as unusual as white polish. This sleek and edgy color will make any outfit look polished. White nails never go out of style, and they go well with any nail shape and skin tone.


Do you want to look like you are worth a million dollars even if you have nothing in the bank? Gold colors are timeless, and they complement any clothing item. With gold polish, your casual summer outfit will look glam and your chunky winter sweater will look better. You might also get a kick out of having nails that look like tiny Oscar statues.


Black is a classic color that will go with all your outfits. Whether you are stepping into a board meeting or going clubbing, this polish will harmonize your outfit. Moreover, your formal outfit is likely to have another black item that will match your nails.

Think of your nail polish collection as your closet: always stock it with the basics. Your nude polish is like your reliable trench coat that is there whenever you need it.

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