Can I wear a pageant dress to my prom?

posted by Chris Valentine

Traditionally, the only attire suitable for your prom was a prom dress. Picture the type of dress fairy tale princesses would wear. That’s thick shoulder straps and exposed shoulders, or perhaps even no straps. The dress usually consists of a tapered top and a flowing skirt that reaches to the floor.

It creates a specific look and makes you feel glamorous. But, in recent years, acceptable attire has changed. Now, you can wear pantsuits, or choose much more glamorous dresses which can even be used again for other special occasions. 

Thanks to the modernized approach to prom, it is possible to wear a pageant dress, if that’s what you would like to do. 

Understanding The Pageant Dress

The traditional prom dress is designed to be bright, bold, and attract attention. It’s a special night and every woman at prom wants to feel like they are being noticed, perhaps even the centre of attention. The idea is to wear the prom dress, stand out, and even dance all night. Comfort is not the main aim, being seen and appreciated is. 

In contrast, a pageant dress does the opposite. These dresses are available in a huge array of colours. You can choose to have a bold dress or a pastel version. But, the principle behind pageant dresses is that you choose the colour that reflects your personality, regardless of what colour that is. 

Pageant dresses are exceptionally comfortable. Their main role is to ensure your comfort while telling the world who you are. This type of dress is more individual, as you get to showcase your own elegance, grace, and personality. But, perhaps the defining feature of any pageant dress is the detail. These dresses place a huge emphasis on detail, this is how individual personalities are shown and why they can look stunning on any occasion. 

How To Decide

The first thing to remember is there are no rules. Although your prom may have a dress code which needs to be checked. Other than this, you can generally choose any dress you like, regardless of whether it’s a prom dress, pageant dress, or even a cocktail dress. 

You simply need to look at what options are available and choose the style of dress that you prefer. Then, you can select the colour that you want. Remember that paler and pastel dresses are generally better for pale skin while darker skin can embrace bolder and brighter colours. 

Don’t forget to order and try on your prom dress early. If you don’t like it or it doesn’t feel comfortable that will give you time to return it or have it altered. 

Of course, to ensure your chosen prom dress looks fantastic you also need to add the right accessories. That means thinking about your hair, make-up, jewellery, shoes, and even your bag. But, all of this stems from the dress. You must choose that first.

It is worth noting that you have more chance of wearing the dress again if you avoid the traditional prom dress

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