When Can VC Funded Fashion Startups Break Even?

posted by Chris Valentine

When a fashion startup is accepting money from venture capitalists, the company must have an idea of when it will break even. The investors that you have found want to know your business model, and they have expectations that you must consider. Use the tips below to determine how long it takes to break even, how you can save money, and how to help your business grow quickly.

Using Promotional Materials Saves Money In Your Marketing Budget

Marketing is a large part of any new company. The customer base that you want to create is not aware of your company yet, and you need to use as many ideas as possible to let customers know you exist.

You can offer custom mousepads, custom shirts, custom bags, and custom pens or flash drives with your company logo to passively-market your company. The people that see your promotional materials will know your name, and your staff will expose people to these items almost every day.

You Must Have An Online Presence

You must have an online presence if you want to increase profits. You will find new customers on social media every day, and you can host contests or promotions online. You are showing your investors that your company is popular. Plus, you are can show your investors that you are gaining more followers every day.

Create A Business Plan

You must have a business plan that explains your goals for every year of your business’s life. You can explain to your investors that you have these simple goals, and you must reach those goals to impress your investors. You might use industry standards to create your business plan, or you could invest your time in reaching the breaking even point of your company.

What Is The Breaking Even Point For Your Company?

Every company is different. You cannot copy the breaking even point of another company because your prices, debts, and obligations are different. You can calculate your sales, how long it will take to break even based on those sales, and project your profits for the future. You may not get the exact results that you are looking for, but you can make progress because you know approximately how long it will take to break even.

Your investors can do the same calculations, and you should listen to your investors if you are not sure what to do. Plus, you can add any information that your investors give you when creating your business plan. The average company can break even somewhere during its second year of operation. You can break even faster if you have a lot of early customers, or you may take longer when you are developing several new projects.


Every VC funded fashion startup is different. You could work with investors who can help you break even quickly while bringing in new customers. You might develop new projects which cost money. You might break even in the second year like so many startups. Work with your investors and calculate your profits carefully when working with venture capitalists.

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