Trendy Ways to Organize Your Home

posted by Chris Valentine

The minimalist trend is taking the interior design world by storm, helping people to take control of their homes and their lives. Society today tends to live in excess, with Americans today consuming twice as many goods as fifty years ago. Downsizing can help to save you time, money, and frustration in the long run. Here are some of the latest minimalist decluttering trends that can help you to keep your home clean and organized.

The KonMari Method

Organization guru Marie Kondo has created a wildly popular downsizing method that’s helped people around the world to embrace the minimalist lifestyle. Her philosophy centers around asking which items in your home bring you joy. As you thoroughly clean your home, go through each thing that you come across and ask yourself if it brings you joy. Anything that doesn’t excite you or pique your interest can be sold, traded, or donated to a local charity such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army.

The Four Box Method

The Four Box Method is a straightforward decluttering technique that can help you to divide the things that you own into four separate categories. First, label four boxes as “Put away,” “Give away,” “Throw away,” and “Undecided.” Go through each room of your house and place items you come across into one of the boxes. When you’re done, keep the things that you’ve deemed worthy, throw away the trash, and give away anything that’s in good shape but that you don’t want or need. With the “Undecided” box, you can have a bit of flexibility in how you organize your belongings.

Swedish Death Cleaning

This increasingly popular decluttering method centers around the idea that you can’t take your belongings with you when you go. The Swedish Death Cleaning technique encourages you to go through all of your belongings, throwing out anything that you don’t need or haven’t used in years. If you don’t think that an item is worth your family holding onto after your passing, you should get rid of it. This is both a cathartic means of cleaning and can help you and your family to manage your estate more easily.

In recent years, minimalist design has become a popular means of keeping the home clean and organized. By embracing minimalist trends, you can work toward downsizing unnecessary belongings and creating a more open floor plan. The KonMari Method, the Four Box Method, and Swedish Death Cleaning all rely on minimalist principles to help you organize your home.

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