Why Is Balayage So Popular?

posted by Chris Valentine

Most hair trends run their course in a matter of years and then perhaps make a comeback a few years again after that. But since balayage first started gaining popularity in around 2010, it has only continued to rise in popularity. As balayage specialists in Sydney, we can confirm that it is definitely one of the most common requests in our salon, with clients continuing to come back for more every few months.

From first-hand experience, we know that balayage hair in Sydney is still a hot trend, but it is safe to say that balayage hair is popular throughout Australia, as well as in many other parts of the world. 

What Is Balayage?

Balayage is actually a french word that means ‘to paint’. In the world of hairdressing, balayage is a freehand colour technique that allows for a blended, natural-looking result. Balayage is known for its ‘sunkissed’ effect, so it’s no wonder that gorgeous balayage hair in Sydney is such a common sight.

It’s Easy To Maintain

Because of balayage’s signature, natural-looking blended finish, this means that there is no harsh regrowth. Unlike highlights and the whole hair colour, balayage doesn’t require you to get touch-ups every few weeks. A balayage grow out can still look great and natural for many months. Not having to go for touch-ups constantly means that balayage styles are ideal for someone with a busy lifestyle and who does not have the time to visit the hairdresser to maintain their look.

Not having to go for frequent touch-ups also means that clients save money in the long run when investing in a balayage.


The differences in light and dark that balayage is known for creates dimension in your hair, which makes it interesting to look at and can often make your hair look thicker than what it really is. The dimension in your hair can make it fun to play around with different hairstyles and experiment with your new look if balayage is new to you. 

Healthy Looking Hair Will Always Be In


Want to know one of the biggest reasons why balayage in Sydney is so popular? Balayage provides you with natural, healthy, looking hair. And healthy hair will never go out of fashion! Balayage gives you the look and feel of just having arrived back from a summer holiday abroad and that you’ve been laying out in the sun. There is something inherently innocent and lovely about this look.

Suits Most Hair Types and Hair Lengths

Another reason why balayage appeals to a wide variety of clients is because it suits a diverse range of hair lengths and types. Balayage may not work on exceptionally short cuts, but everything from shoulder length onwards really seems to work well with the balayage technique.

Balayage also works well on both thick and thin hair, as well as a variety of different hair textures. Pin-straight, wavy, or curly balayage could work for you. The only hair type it doesn’t really work on is grey hair.

Celebrities with all types of hairstyles, lengths and textures have rocked the balayage. But the balayage was probably made most popular by Jessica Alba in the mid-2000s.

A Fresh New Look Without Major Commitment

Many clients are looking for a fresh new look for their hair but are hesitant to try something as bold as chopping off all their hair or going a completely different colour. What balayage offers clients is a fresh look that has a marked difference but is still not too much of a massive change. When it comes to balayage, there is a much better chance of clients being happy with their hair makeover.

It’s Personalised

The balayage is all about personalisation. The hair technician paints freehand, so you never get the exact same look twice, and natural-looking tones frame your face. Your hair technician should pick the ideal tones for you based on your current hair colour, your skin tone, and your hair goals.

So, Are you interested in getting a balayage in Sydney? At Esteem Hair Beauty Spa, our team has in-depth experience in balayage and can create a stunning, natural look for you. If balayage is something you have always wanted to try, now is the time!

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