6 Ways to Have The Best Snow Adventure

posted by Chris Valentine

While snow may keep some people sheltered inside their warm homes from the cold, it’s never as freezing as you think if you wear enough layers and keep yourself active. Nothing will keep you warmer in the winter than some physical activity no matter how many layers of snow may be covering everyone’s driveway.

Instead of being home-stuck during the cold winter months, here are six ways you can have the best snow adventures.

1.  Go Snowboarding

As fun as sledding can be, you never get the full snow experience until you get yourself a ski or a snowboard. Even if you’re not athletic, you’d be surprised how quickly you can learn simple tricks in just a few minutes of practicing. Always bring the right gear with you, which must include a scarf and a ski mask to protect your eyes and stay warm. If you’re feeling fancy, opt for anti-fog goggles to have a clearer view of your surroundings and to stay safe.

2.  Pack the Right Gear

Your snow adventure will be nowhere near fun if you’re freezing cold all the time. In order to be safe in such cold weather, you need to make sure to wear padded gloves, a scarf, a mask and possibly many layers of clothing. We personally didn’t know how much simple additions like a good foot warmer or windproof scarves could make a difference until we came across them on https://outdoorsmagazine.net/; this goes especially for individuals who aren’t usually tolerant to colder climates. Unless you stay warm, you’ll end up rushing back indoors!

3.  Make Snow Art

Snow graffiti can be a lot of fun for all ages, especially when you use materials that aren’t harmful to the environment. Instead of using spray paint bottles, make your own paint by mixing food coloring with water. There are plenty of social media pages dedicated to graffiti and snow graffiti in particular, which can inspire you to create your own art and share it with your friends.

4.  Sculpt

Surely, making a snowman sounds like a cliché way to play with snow, but it can be a whole lot of fun if you sculpt different shapes and take photos of them as souvenirs for your adventure. You can take a break from sledding and snowboarding when you’re tired, and try to build some detailed snow sculptures. This can be quite relaxing and is generally a fun way to spend time with your friends when you’re feeling home stuck. A great way to take your snow sculpting to a whole new level is to also incorporate environmentally friendly paint to finish off your sculpture. And the best part is, you can do this right on your front lawn, which makes it a much more fun way to shovel driveway snow because you get to create art while you’re at it!

5.  Build an Igloo

While this may be the most complicated activity on our list, it’s certainly something that should be on everyone’s bucket list. Igloos are a little challenging to build, but they last for as long as the cold does, and they’re quite warm on the inside. You may need a snow saw or a large knife, as you’ll have to do this in areas where the snow is dry and hard. On the other hand, make sure you pack a pair of waterproof gloves and have a friend help you. You don’t need to measure the blocks you cut, but they should be around fifteen inches high and eight inches thick. Remember to make holes in your igloo to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

6.  Go Hiking

Although hiking may be the last activity at the top of your head when it’s snowing, the challenge of walking through seven inches of snow can make it more fun. Make sure you have the right gear with you, and of course, wear the right non-slip boots for the action. You can bring a sled with you just in case you run into some steep hills, which are safer to slide down to prevent slipping and falling. Snow can make sceneries you’re used to looking unfamiliar, which are always fun to explore during the winter with your family and friends. It’s best to hike with the company, as it may be likely to get lost when everything around you is plain white!

You don’t have to be home-stuck when it’s snowing. Whenever it’s cold and all the shops are closed, there’s a much better way to spend your time than watch movies at home all day. Getting active can be fun while interacting with snow can be a healthy way of pushing your body to adapt to the cold.

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