5 Local Brands We Just Love to Encourage

posted by Chris Valentine

With businesses and local operations shut down, this past year has taught us some hard lessons on purchasing locally. 

Buying local supports local businesses that are part of your community. When they are profitable, more people benefit from jobs, CSR and improved services from taxation funds. 

Wondering which local brands have been fan favourites lately? Read on to find out. 

Margaret M

This brand has quickly become the go-to brand for women looking for stylish, classy wear. Their slimming pants

Have especially been a hit for their ability to give a slim, svelte look. 

These are also versatile, come in numerous colours and can be paired differently to achieve different looks. 

Lise Watier

Lise Watier prides itself on creating products every woman will love. This line has a variety of make-up, skincare products and fragrances to suit different tastes. 

The almost 50-year-old, woman-owned company is among the premier cosmetic companies in Canada. 

The company’s founder is pro-health over and above cosmetic beauty and has found a way to merge the two. 

Some of the money you spend at the company goes into their foundation.

La Diperie

Over the years, La Diperie has managed to get residents of Quebec through the typically hot and humid summers. The brand, best known for its lip-smacking ice-creams, has everything you need when craving a tasty treat. 

Their store stock mini doughnuts, cupcakes, cakes, cookies, cookie dough, waffles, milkshakes, chocolate and much more.

You are likely to find whatever tickles your taste buds at La Diperie. 

Sportiva Apparel

Social distancing and the anxiety surrounding the virus may keep you from the gym. It should not, however, keep you from working out entirely. 

With numerous online work out channels, you can find excellent workout regimens to carry out at home with no equipment at well. 

Short on sportswear? Not to worry. 

Sportiva apparel brings you world-class sportswear right to Quebec. From shoes to jerseys and equipment, whatever you need to pursue your health and fitness is provided by this local store. 

Lufa Farms

Lufa Farms partners with local farmers and food makers to bring you the tastiest, freshest food Quebec has to offer. 

The company is indeed revolutionary, having built the first rooftop greenhouse on an industrial building in Montreal. This has seen the company enjoy high yield, year-round farming, making this a sustainable way to feed locals. 

Support Lufa Farms and feed your family by ordering customizable food baskets from their site. 

Parting Shot

These are local brands providing local solutions to residents of Quebec. Still, most of these have encountered hard economic times in recent months. 

As many businesses struggle to stay afloat, buying local is ultimately the best way to encourage these entrepreneurs to keep going. 

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