5 Easy Ways to Pull Off Trendy Boho Style

posted by Chris Valentine

Bohemian fashion is always in style. But it can be challenging to get it right. Discover these five simple ways to pull off the trendy boho style now.

After the French revolution, Bohemian culture materialized in France. Boho style is still trending, so here are 5 ways to dress boho.

What is boho style exactly?

Old school Bohemians were French nomads and artists. They were often poor and their clothes were old. This same style of dress was also popular in the ’60s among free spirits and hippies.

Boho chic style has since evolved into something more sophisticated. Here are 5 simple ways to pull off the boho style.

1. Boho Style: Go with the Flow

The designers prioritize comfort. Boho style clothing shouldn’t restrict your movement.

Boho style dresses are usually long and flowing. When most people think of boho style, maxi dresses come to mind.

You can wear long skirts with fitted or flowy tops. Peasant-style tops and poet blouses well with these skirts.

Loose-fitting, long sweaters also give off the boho vibe.

2. Keep It Natural

Boho chic style has an organic feel to it. Keep everything natural when it comes to style.

Focus on the earth tones you’d find in nature. These colors give your appearance a more natural feel and exude the boho vibe.

(Note: Some boho looks include deep colors and warm tones. Flower prints and paisley are also very bohemian. Avoid neon colors.)

Consider doing your makeup with more natural tones. If you can, wear as little makeup as possible.

Let your hair down and let it flow. Keep your hair looking neat and natural.

Boho clothes are usually made of natural fabrics. Look for garments made of cotton, denim, velvet, linen, chiffon, fur, silk, suede, leather, etc. If you are vegan, substitute fabrics that use animal products for vegan-friendly alternatives.

3. Accessorize

Certain accessories will help you pull off the boho look more than others. For instance, necklaces with natural crystals, beads, or peace signs are more boho than a spiked collar.

The right purse can pull your look together. This boho inspiration from Chloé will give you an idea of what cool boho style purses look like.

To complete your boho look, wear a headband that encircles the top of your head or a floppy, wide-brimmed hat. Don’t forget about big sunglasses!

4. Boho Shoes

Most boho shoes prioritize comfort. They tend to come in natural tones.

Cowboy boots and ankle boots are all the rage in boho chic style.

Sandals and wedge heels are also very boho. During warm weather, gladiator shoes offer style and comfort.

5. Bottoms Up

Flare jeans are a signature boho look. So are distressed jeans.

You can either buy pre-ripped jeans or distress jeans yourself. Try using a cheese grater on your jeans to create the distressed aesthetic.

If you’re feeling daring, go with bell bottom pants. They don’t have to be bell bottom jeans. Boho pants come in solid colors and different prints.

Palazzo pants and wide leg pants are especially en vogue in boho fashion.

Go Boho or Go Home

Over 200 years ago, the term “bohemian” meant exotic style associated with artists and creative people. Since then, boho style has taken on a life of its own.

Bohemian style’s popularity peaked between 2002 and 2006. Let’s bring boho back to the forefront of fashion.

Upgrade your style and explore the world of fashion. It’ll inspire you to enhance your own look.

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