Louis Vuitton Logo Design History and Meaning

posted by Chris Valentine

Louis Vuitton is a genuine example of how far the logo goes in influencing a brand or even an entire industry. However, can you imagine that this is the exception to the rule of working and adjusting until your logo reaches perfection?

LV has gone far enough to become the brand that has the same logo for over 100 years and which took logo placement to a whole new level – it turned it into product artwork. We were curious about how this artsy monogram managed to last regardless of time passing and turned odds in its favor with logo usage. Below you can find the facts which led this French fashion brand in the top of the most recognizable names and logos in the world.

LYON, FRANCE – OCT 30, 2017: Man holding French magazine newspaper with Louis Vuitton advertising for luxury purses

Louis Vuitton Logo Design

Before we begin, you should know that the Louis Vuitton logo design consists of two pieces:

  • The LV monogram, together with the Louis Vuitton name. They might appear together and separately. The monogram usually makes the product design together with those symmetrical flower models. Also, the brand name appears by itself on shops names.

  • The flower design which, originally available only in brown. This design was updated to white, pink, blue, purple and yellow after the brand began collaborating with Marc Jacobs.

The Story Behind the Louis Vuitton Logo

The LV logo design was simple from the beginning and remained as such since the brand’s foundation. This was back in 1854, when Louis Vuitton was a small French fashion brand. At first it produced luxury goods such as leather bags, purses, suitcases and trunks.

During its first year, the company displayed its name in handwriting without having a professional logo. The LV logo and monogram appeared one year later, as designed by Georges Vuitton, who took over the business since his father’s passing. Yes, the font is hand-drawn.

The logo remained as such to this day. Any changes came regarding this logo came in placing the logo on products. Now, it’s also visible on some shoes and boots models. This is a lesson of creating brand recognition by including them in your core products which define you. In fashion, this translates into everything.

Louis Vuitton Logo Meaning and Influence

The Louis Vuitton logo appeared together with the floral pattern. Georges Vuitton wanted to visibly integrate his father’s initials in products. The idea was a tribute to the founder of a small but successful family business. This tribute lasted to this day and the Louis Vuitton name became iconic in the fashion world and leather products industry for women and men. Now it’s not only about bags, but it’s also about elegant menswear, and casual and stylish clothing for women.

Surprisingly, the logo and floral design were used together on products to avoid counterfeiting. Today many claim that LV is one of the most counterfeited brands in the world. Even so, the company has billion-dollars-sales.

You might have seen LV products as too-expensive-and-luxury-to-afford until around twenty years ago. The brand bombed the fashion world in 1997 with the Marc Jacobs collaboration. The designer introduced Louis Vuitton to the ready-wear clothing industry and made it accessible to the young public.

Louis Vuitton was among the first brands in fashion to put monograms on its products. This initiative influenced the overall fashion world. Other brands such as Gucci and Chanel were influenced and started to mimic the design.

According to Forbes India, “Its hugely identifiable logo immediately places you in a world of aspiration and desire—a world of discernment that can be accessed through a price tag”. The magazine also states that LV bags make the first choice of Asian women when they’re interested in purchasing a bag.

What the Future Holds for the Louis Vuitton Logo

The Louis Vuitton artistic directors mainly focused on applying the logo, its monogram and floral pattern to products until recently. Each of them innovated through updating the design or figuring new ways to show it on products and in ads.

However, Louis Vuitton announced on March 26th that it signed a new menswear artistic director, Virgil Abloh. The news here is that he is due to reinterpret the brand logo for the products. We don’t know yet if we’ll see a different monogram or the 122-year-old LV initials applied differently.

Creating a logo that passes the test of time might not be easy. It seems that the key is simplicity. Yet, something else also matters. There is a strong connection between the LV brand and its values, and the products it contains. It sends a clear message – this is us and we are what we do. Louis Vuitton is special because it was a visionary brand which was able to reinvent itself for its public. Customers enjoyed it without thinking about logo fatigue. So, the exception became the rule.

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