Hublot – The Futuristic Watchmakers

posted by Chris Valentine

Hublot is originally known to be a Swiss watchmaking company that belongs to the luxury sector of watches. The company was first founded in the year 1980 by an Italian man called Carlo Crocco. Back in those times, the idea of fusion wear was very new, and people had not experimented and explored this concept much. Hublot proudly became the first watchmaking company in the history of watchmaking to come up with different kinds of experimentation and explorations with fusion wear. 

Back in the 80s, when Hublot started making fusion watches, the brand was highly appreciated for its bold choice of being different and unique. Since then, the brand has very well understood the fashion trends and the changing needs of the fashion industry and has successfully been a part of this change. 

Hublot as a brand has been the pioneer of watchmaking since ages and continues to be a prestigious symbol in the luxury market of watches in modern times as well. Hublot Employs a large number of people all across the world who are continuously engaged in designing and developing watches for the brand. Every year this brand comes up with its latest designs and technologies, which never fail to surprise its audience. 

History of Hublot – How it all started? 

Carlo Crocco, who happens to be the founder of this brand, used to be a very talented watchmaker himself back in the 80s. Initially, he worked at some other company, but his dream to come up with his own watch boutique and design watches that would stand out in the crowd makes Hublot what it is today. After leaving the old company, Carlo Crocco had devoted all his time to designing and developing a watch according to his own taste and preference. He wanted to put his best skills and efforts into developing this watch and had named this particular watch as “Hublot”. 

There was something very different about this particular watch, and it was not made using the conventional norms of watchmaking of those times. This particular watch made its way straight to the news for one very exciting feature, which was very new at those times. This new and exciting feature was that this newly designed watch had a pair of natural rubber straps attached to it. This is how the Hublot rubber strap became a milestone in the history of watchmaking. 

Carlo Crocco Had gained massive popularity and appreciation overnight for designing the all new Hublot rubber strap, as the entire concept was very new and fresh at that point in time. This new watch was first launched in the year 1980, marking the beginning of Hublot as a brand. 

Materials used in the making of Hublot watches 

Hublot as a brand claims that innovation and the unique designing process run in their DNA, and passion is the only driving force for all of their crazy innovative ideas. Hublot as a brand also does not follow any conventional norms or concepts and their designs are much beyond any established codes or ideologies of watchmaking. The presence of such explicit principles makes this luxurious watchmaking brand very dynamic and the perfect fit for the modern market, which demands change and adaptation of new unique ideals every single day. 

This happens to be the first luxury wear brand whose makers and designers actually dare to combine a precious metal like gold with simple rubber. Hublot rubber straps are world-famous and are a specialty that is only unique to this brand. Hublot claims that they are the masters and pioneers of the ‘art of fusion wear’ and is the only company that dared to put out the designs of their dreams. All the watches made by this brand are designed keeping in mind futuristic fashion, and that is why such a unique blend has been possible.

 The brand calls it a fusion of traditional ideologies and modern and sustainable materials. They also refer to this fusion as a fine blend of the craftsmanship of watchmaking and the power of innovative, imaginative, sustainable, daring, and futuristic design identity. This crazy idea has also been an interesting cross between conventional mechanisms and the very unique construction process. Thus Hublot Rubber Strap had successfully created history and still remains to be one of the best luxury watch designs of all times

Hublot – A Manufacture of the Future 

The designs presented by Hublot have always been much ahead of their times and never fail to impress and amaze its audience. Be it design, construction, or movements, Hublot believes in precision and perfection. The brand is known for designing very simple watches, which come with very innovative watchmaking concepts and automatically stand out from other watches. The USP Of this brand has always been “The Art of Fusion”, and it never fails to incorporate it in all of its designs.  

The concept of fusion does not only work with its designs but also has an adverse effect on its construction and movement. It is worth knowing that all the movements that Hublot incorporates in its designs are unique to the brand and are made in-house, which definitely means that no other watchmaking company can use them. While designing any watch, all the decisions are based on three fundamental principles – functionality, architecture, and a unique design process. 

Both Hublot’s designs and outlook are incredibly futuristic, and that is how they wish to shape the future of watchmaking. Although this brand has taken up innovation as its ambition, it has never really given up on tradition as its essence. The three main things that must be present in every design made by this brand are high-tech and expert craftsmanship, machine precision, and the beauty of movements. 


Hublot has been an inspirational watchmaker since the ’80s and continues to be a very prestigious possession even in the modern times. Blending in unconventional and tradition together to make fusion wear watches has certainly been an incredible journey for this brand, and it shall continue to spread its charm and aura by giving us more modern and fantastic experimental designs and innovations in the years to come. 

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