Advantages of Water Flossers to People with Braces

posted by Chris Valentine

Braces are widely used in shaping the crooked teeth. Wearing these devices can take up to a month or even more depending on the time that your teeth require to get in good shape. Well as we all know, braces are inserted in the gaps between the teeth and the connection is done using thin wires which run across the teeth. It is still advisable to maintain good oral hygiene even when wearing braces since the teeth are likely to get bacteria growing between the gaps from the foods that you eat. It is not easy, and it is also discouraged to brush your teeth with a toothbrush when wearing braces and therefore, the only reliable option is the use of a water flosser.

What are the advantages of using a water flosser for people who are wearing braces?

It Works Very Fast.

A water flosser takes less time a compared to when using other methods of cleaning. This is because these gadgets are designed to produce waters at high speed which makes it easy to penetrate through the wires and the teeth gaps for efficient cleaning. Also, you don’t have to keep on checking where you are running the flosser to avoid damaging the braces unlike when using a toothbrush. Just make sure the flosser is laid in the right position before you let the water out for cleaning. For a beginner check out the following tutorial videos to show you the positive steps of how o use a water flosser when you have braces.

It Cleans the Teeth Well.

Unlike the toothbrush, dental flosser is capable of penetrating through the braces and teeth to reach to the teeth gaps for efficient cleaning. Also, once you eat, the food particles may get stuck on the wires of the braces which may result in bad odor or cause the teeth to decay. Therefore a water flosser prevents this by ensuring that all the water is passed through the brace and the wires to eliminate the food particles. This keeps your teeth away from teeth decay and bad odor.

Massages and Stimulates the Gum.

Installing the teeth braces is not easy since it causes discomfort on the teeth by creating too much stiffness. So, the splashing of the water from the flosser causes the teeth and the gums to relax by massaging the two parts. Some people have also reported having reduced pains once they used water flosser for cleaning their braced teeth.

It is Easy to Use.

The time that you will spend in flossing is relatively lesser as compared to the time you spend in brushing your teeth. This is because the flosser works at once and fast, unlike the toothbrush that you have to move at a slow pace to make sure that you tackle every part of your mouth.

To keep your teeth fresh and free from any teeth and gum diseases while wearing braces, consider using a water flosser for cleaning purposes. Clean your teeth after every meal to prevent the particles and debris from getting stuck on the wires and the gums.

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